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for Under the Hunters Moon

7/4 c1 Ceps
The way you change point of view and how you write them is confusing and makes reading what could be a great story extremely headache inducing
6/14 c31 GoldQuartz
IT IS DEATH. It can't be Thanatos since Artemis would've recognised him. She's either referring to Harry dying again (though Harry will most likely survive), or Harry gaining the Deathly Hallows and becoming the Master of Death.
6/14 c27 GoldQuartz
Just had a thought, Harry walking to his death is canon, and Harry will survive it. Wouldn't that mean that he'll sort of defy Aphrodite's curse, since he'll live and possibly become the Master of Death beforehand, if those black eyes Harry saw while in Dun Scaith are Death's (not Thanatos'), then Harry will most likely become the Master of Death. I hope the Master of Death is a legitimate title with power, and not one the Wizards made up after Thanatos supposedly made the Hallows, as some Fanfics would say.
6/14 c22 GoldQuartz
I hope Harry gets training from Scáthach, and not just immediately leaving. At least returning every to train after school would be cool.
6/14 c20 GoldQuartz
6/13 c10 GoldQuartz
Apollo, due to being Artemis' twin
Aphrodite, due to the wards literally made from Love
Hades or Thanatos, due to Harry's connection to death and the Deathly Hallows

Those are my main guesses, but Athena, Hestia, or Zeus could be the God's if those aren't
6/13 c5 GoldQuartz
I still think that the Firstborns should be stronger, plus, the adult Demigods are stronger, where it would take a team of young demigods to kill a monster, the adults could do it with only themselves.
5/26 c25 68phoenix
oh and I guess he is trying to help get Harry killed since right after saying not to blame him if Harry does he takes one of the best ways for Harry to hide away from him and no one there thinks of that?
5/26 c25 68phoenix
So how did Snape find him under the cloak and why would Dumbledore and Lupin let Snape of all people get to take the Potter family heirloom? of course Dumbledore is too blind to understand the sick pleasure Snape will get from having something of James Potters. oh and Snape already all but stole the Basilisk from him which I already had a hard time believing that Harry is that stupid to settle for a slightly better grade with the training he has had and Snape even saying it was very useful. I'm liking the story but your obvious love of Snape with these things is getting hard to match with how Harry acts with others.
5/25 c1 leeanz
I'm sorry, but the shifting from third into first person just makes this too difficult to read for me. It was off to a great start and I really was looking forward to the rest of the story.
5/21 c17 NCC1701D USS Enterprise
yea Aph loves Harry capacity for love
5/16 c1 2A10riddick
Great start!
5/4 c22 GhostEist
“While she is not a goddess, many Celtic Neopagan believers (who wish to revive old religions like the Celtic ones) have transformed her into a supposed Goddess of Death” - (Daniela English)
5/4 c21 GhostEist
“She was dressed in a skin-tight leather full-bodysuit that left little to the imagination, a mourning veil trimmed with gold, she wore no shoes or boots, no gloves or bracers”

Cat girl Atalanta and full bodysuit Scáthach? Is this gonna be a Harry Potter, PJ AND a Nasu crossover?! Not that I’m gonna complain all too much
5/3 c14 GhostEist
You got some first person in a third person POV section

“light enough to be strapped to my belt”

“Ginny got me some chocolate frogs, while Astoria had sent me a tin of homemade biscuits“
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