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for Under the Hunters Moon

9/27 c32 1JDursa
Ohhhhh i have been screaming my way through this! I am in love! Hypothetically, can i marry a fanfic? Hypothetically of course

The whole Hunt thing is insane and amazing and it’s connecting to that deep part in me that only shows itself when im running my dog barefoot through the bush, you have know idea how much im hating being in the city right now, like seriously, just want to run off and let the hunt consume me. The dream…

I will be coming back for this
Many times
9/26 c15 1Dumat
Just curious, but what would have happened if Atalanta didn't show enough backbone and actually dragged Harry back to Artemis? At least short term (right there and then) and perhaps long term if you're feeling generous enough to indulge my What If..? question to the degree you're able without spoiling stuff.
9/25 c10 UzuRyu
To the garbage it goes thanks to chapter 10.
Why not make Harry suck Snape off while you're at it !?
Fucking piece of shit.
That chapter ruined your entire fanfic. Fucking pathetic piece of shit that give his spoil of war to an abusive piece of shit for no fucking reason. What next ? He's gonna gauge out his eyes and offer them to Vernon !?
Don't waste your time on this fanfic, it's really not worth a single nanosecond of your time.
9/16 c22 Guest
I only just really appreciated how powerful Artemis is now after rereading this. Zeus could have hammered away at aphrodite's palace and done nothing. Yet Artemis fought someone who turned themselves into a goddess by designing something to kill anything with mortality and killing a literally God, in their place of power. While half a world away from the source of her power, in the place of absolute power for Scatty. That is so badass. Amazing stuff as always.
9/6 c16 24Roman trooper
Dang it I read up to 16 and forgot about this story. Now I have to re-read it again lol
9/2 c37 Kushka
Great story
8/24 c1 j8488087
Just read your story. It was SPECTACULAR. Gotta ask, though, is English not your first language or what? Not trying to criticize, just curious. Overall, a PHENOMENAL job. Can't wait to see where this goes.
8/13 c7 the-dreamer4
Regarding my review last chapter, to clarify, I don’t care if you change 1st person to 3rd person between characters/scenes, but it shouldn't go back and forth in the same paragraph for the same character.
8/13 c6 the-dreamer4
It’s unsettling the way Harry bounces between 1st person and 3rd person. It would help if you picked one and stuck to it.
8/10 c3 9SilverLightning26
I think I started this story a long time ago, but I'm glad I've rediscovered it. I'm enjoying it so far. I do want to point out, though, that you switched from third to first person point of view with Harry. It didn't really impact the reading, but as a writer (and a former English teacher) it bugs me. I'm sure the writing gets better as the story goes on-it always does-but just remember to pick a point of view (first or third, one character at a time) and stick to it. I'm eager to keep reading!
8/9 c31 PrimalWhiteStar
She is DEATH
8/2 c15 JayHurricane
I know you didn't want sympathy or kind words author, but I just had to get those word of appreciation towards the chapter, so if you feel uncomfortable, please delete it, as I can't do so myself, but I meant the deepest appreciation with those words
8/2 c15 JayHurricane
Author, please take a bow, for this chapter was a literary masterpiece. I'm an English professor, and books and chapters like these are some of the works that make me remember why I enjoy it so much.
I'm terribly sorry for the fate you went through as a child, I know that doesn't help much, but have peace in thinking that you are out of that abusive home and hopefully living a much better life today.
7/29 c7 JayHurricane
Yo, that swiss army knife multitool is such a cool consept
7/25 c32 2bugzadc
This fic made me cry, which was not ideal because I was trying to sneaky read during work.
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