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for Under the Hunters Moon

9/1/2022 c32 7era-romance
love to see how artemis smiles a goblet lol
9/1/2022 c32 1BoladeMeme
The best HP/PJO fanfiction! Also, the best in the 'Son of Artemis Category'! Waiting for the sequel
9/1/2022 c32 Wolf in the Twilight
Lookin forward to the sequel and good luck with the dnd planning.
9/1/2022 c32 ThyDevoutBeliever
Great story. Definitely a favourite. Glad Sirius lived, glad Pettigrew was caught.

Will keep an eye out for a potential sequel.
9/1/2022 c32 6Mando-Vet
I loved his story from start to finish. Hope one day to see it's sequel; until then I hope you have a good one.
9/1/2022 c32 LunaAnt
This was an awesome fic that I very much enjoyed. Will be try to keep an eye out for more of your work but you 100% deserve a break
9/1/2022 c32 luigi vencer
when is the part 2 of the story
9/1/2022 c32 Guest
Can't wait for the sequal, if there is one. It was a great story!
9/1/2022 c32 2mwinter1
I thank you for this and hope that your break for dnd isn't very long and the sequel isn't far away. Awaiting the next one.
9/1/2022 c32 3EricPotter97
I’m ready for the sequel
9/1/2022 c32 mikey21088
One of the best fan fiction I have read, actually had me wanting for the next chapter(s). So will be waiting for what comes next.
9/1/2022 c32 BeetleRUs
I like the character development of the mc, the dynamics between harry and the rest and Dumbledore’s personality.

Introducing plot points is good, however, you shouldn’t be that direct. About the other topic, I like the spread out version compared to the giant amalgamation stories of multi-year-hp-fanfic.
9/1/2022 c32 More
Love the whole story and can only pray and hope that more will come!
9/1/2022 c32 1SiriusOrionBitch
Fantastic end to a fantastic fic! Thank you very much for everything it was fantastic to watch it all unfold! Take care,

9/1/2022 c32 bahnannah
BEST CHAPTER EVER! I hope Peter gets caught in an industrial strength rat trap. Arty was such a bad-ass! I loved the taunting. I thought it was so funny how she was treating Moony like he was a pet dog. At least Atalanta was cool about the fight. I feel bad for Lupin that he had to face one of his worst fears and lose his job, but he’s was never going to be back for a second year even if there was no incident or curse. Snape was already planning on doing dirty. Even if I was ignoring his past up to the beginning of the year, he’s still a bitter bastard who should never be around children or people. I’m surprised nobody has attempted to anonymously bribe Rita Skeeter into doing an exposé on him and the results of fewer healers and aurors because of the potions newts. Probably wouldn’t take much. Even some of the pureblood families would love to take him out. I’m surprised Augusta hasn’t stepped in and said something.

Zeus needs to be Thored. Sent down to earth with no powers until he learns his lesson. In his case, never, but if Hera or Hestia becomes the leader, I guarantee that Olympus will be more peaceful. Well if someone takes Hera to task and makes her understand that everyone knows Zeus was wrong to cheat and she needs to take the gods who cheat to task and not take her anger out on innocent children. Hestia exudes peace. She doesn’t take crap though. Hades was a good guy! Yay. Apollo reminds me of how Sirius acts. Athena surprised me. She’s got kids in her own mind birth way so she should be on Artemis’ side. Dionysus was probably the happiest to say live. Lol. One less kid for him to deal with. Henry Potts could be Harry’s alias if he ever goes to visit his cousin, Pepper Potts, when she’s working with Tony Stark. The nomaj side shortened it to Potts but they still have close contact with the magical side, the Potters, and are all descended from Abraham Potter, one of the first aurors in the MACUSA. Tada - there’s your spin-off. Lol

Poor Sirius. He’s just getting attacked from everyone. Hestia is fed up though. Well that’s one less dementor and fudge probably wet his pants.

Apollo popping up doesn’t surprise me. He’s impetuous and Harry is his first nephew. Plus he really wants to annoy Zeus.

Perfect setup for the sequel. I hope the Dursleys try something and get caught in the act. So excited for the rest of the girls to show up.

Harry is really surprising with his abilities.
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