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for Under the Hunters Moon

8/29/2022 c30 ThyDevoutBeliever
You really did that didn't you.
8/29/2022 c30 4Monster King
Awesome job
8/28/2022 c30 6Mando-Vet
Oh dude...
8/28/2022 c29 bigwoof
excellent story.. thanks!
8/27/2022 c29 Ghost500098
I'm gonna be kinda mad if you somehow have peter escape or Sirius still be on the run or not freed. it's so so cliche that it's boring. I'm loving the story so far so I hope your able to find a way to continue without things happening the same as Canon with different words
8/27/2022 c29 bahnannah
I’m torn between several feelings in response to this chapter. I’m impressed with Lupin’s spell - I loved it - and for Lupin actually thinking outside of his affliction for once, even though he has me wanting to smack him for forgetting his potion, I have to take in his circumstances and give him a little leeway. He doesn’t always have the money for the potion and he’s gone for years without having the option for one (I’m thinking it wasn’t available until the late 70s or at least after he graduated) so it’s probably not an ingrained habit to think about the potion on the full moon.

The ritual stones are a big hint/mystery and you’d think that they would have been investigated before and known to the staff unless they have this out of sight out of mind spell woven into the stones. I’d have loved that type of spell growing up. Actually, I could still use it. I know Harry could. One of my favorite stories has Harry wearing a shirt with a notice me not spell written on it like a barcode and the Dursleys ignore him and he has one for his bedroom door too.

Atalanta was a surprise and a gift. She’s the best bad ass protector/big sister/mentor ever. Thank goodness for her.

Still want to shove snape down a well. With pettigrew and Umbridge for company.

Speaking of pettigrew, you’d think that once he’d been found that someone would cut his hamstrings or break a kneecap to prevent him from escaping. Even if he transforms, with those broken, he’d not get far. I’d even tell Hedwig that she would get the best treats if she brings any rat she finds to Harry or Lupin first so they can check it out. She’s smart. She could probably take out Voldemort with a motor mouth Molly howler.

Sirius is saved by Hestia. He really needs to buy the best tasting cake and throw it in the fire for her.

If not a well, how about a part of the crew on the Flying Dutchman?

Forget the red blue blur. It’s SuperHarry! Hermione and Ron have excellent timing for a change.

I’m hoping for pettigrew to get to snog a dementor.
8/27/2022 c29 10ultima-owner
this arc is getting to a nail biting pitch as the climax approaches
8/27/2022 c29 Guest
Oh Ron and Hermione...
8/27/2022 c29 2mwinter1
Awaiting more.
8/27/2022 c29 6Mando-Vet
Another great chapter! Love it!
8/27/2022 c29 4Monster King
8/25/2022 c28 zearph
I hope you end it with a tragically or make a part two but will be reading more of your storys
8/25/2022 c28 4Sreym Sallad
I do truly hope he shoves a spear through the traitor's chest. And finally gets his godfather back.
8/25/2022 c2 6Mando-Vet
I stumbled onto this fic by accident, but I am so glad that I did. I'm only five chapters in and I already count this story among my favorites; very well done.
8/25/2022 c28 bahnannah
Sometimes I want to just grab snape by the hair lol slam his head against the table. He really needs to find drugs or God. Heck even a good tumble. He’s wound way too tight and his acerbic attitude and personality doesn’t win him any favors.

I love the idea of a muggleborn fund. Hope they make it where ministry fingers or the less honest board members don’t go tiptoeing through it.

Atalanta has become a combo mom/big sister/mentor that Harry has always wanted and needed. Hopefully there’s a way for her to stick around Harry in some way. They both need it.

Uh oh. Trelawney strikes again. Lucy becomes unlucky, Buckbeak phones a friend, and Harry hunts. Woohoo for alliteration!
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