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for Under the Hunters Moon

8/7/2022 c4 2mwinter1
The switch between first third person is probably going to continue. But its very annoying and i wish it would stop but since i have found the story and it already has 20 chapters not much i can do but ask for future chapters that it stops.
8/7/2022 c20 bahnannah
You cliffhanging offspring of Lucius Malfoy and Albus Dumbledore! I’m still confused and nervous about what got Harry. I’m not smart enough to figure out stuff written in Gaelic! Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve taken a world history class? Me neither!
8/7/2022 c2 13Pokemonever1994
Hi, Hikari Nova informed me about this story.
As my page will tell you, I write almost exclusively Crossover fanfictiosn and while the concept of Artemis dealing with being basically co-mother to a boy is an interesting idea, I also see some of the problems with your approach, namely the whole "Canon is King" thing you pointed out in the A/N of this chapter.

So... I'm going to be ranting a bit here.
First of all, there isn't any way for a crossover to not create a huge divergence. Especially this early in the timeline. You're making Harry a semi-Demigod of sorts, so he would have both issues with monsters, especially living in Europe which is known to overflow with them, in the British Isles no less which has a whole plethora of their own native mythological monsters, and we know that PJO has non-Greek gods existing for a fact as demonstrated with the Egyptian and Norse Gods, so he should be running into Celts with where he is.
Next, Harry would likely have powers similar to children of Apollo, the Twinbrother of Artemis, as both share archery domains. In his case it would should be leaning toward the hunt like the Hunters of Artemis do. So while Harry wouldn't be rubbing elbows with the likes of Thalia Grace and Percy Jackson in terms of power, he'd be more than likely instinctively drawn to the woods and hunting. Like, literally. Which isn't a good idea for a demigod with no access to Camp Halfblood and author-fiat trying to shoehorn him away from it.
Next, I don't quite understand what you have against exploring the "Harry Grows up Differently" angle, there is no narrative benefit to Harry being forced to stay at the Dursleys other than you trying to keep events to canon, but as stated, Harry would have Demigod instincts relating to Artemis, he would be prone to have a very different outlook on life and more than likely would be stronger than the Dursleys can handle. Remember, he is a demigod here, meaning that he would be a natural fighter.

Next Artemis, one of the twelve highest gods in the Olympians. The goddess of Childbirth, patron of children. The Huntress. Niece of Hades.
Sorry but how exactly wouldn't she notice Harry being in danger? How would she not be able to see if he was dead? Because again, he is a baby at this point, even if she has a dislike of man, he is only a baby and she's far more mellowed out, like all the gods, than in mythology. Realistically, if you don't make her the most flanderized version imaginable, Artemis should've checked with her Uncle, who is the literal god of the Dead, to see about those new arrivals. Harry would've stood the fuck out like a sore thumb.
And remember that Hades, for all the beef he has with his brothers, is one of the nicer gods around, he has no reason to be antagonistic with Artemis and if you say "Well she can't go to his domain", remember Hermes? Messenger God? Courier Olympus? Yeah, he can go there and it is his job to deliver mail between Olympus and the Underworld.
Moreover, we have Hecate, goddess of magic. Meaning there would be wizard Demigods already at Camp Halfblood and word would go around no matter what other things would go on, about this one kid who survived being hit with the Killing curse, at least by the next time a big meeting is held, like the Winter Solstice, she would've gotten info or could've asked Hades about the whole thing. Even if it was only to get the weird feelings under control.
Moreover she is a goddess, do you really think she wouldn't be able to sense her own son?

tl;dr: Trying to keep things exactly as per canon, basically just retrodding canon and only of one series, is lazy, doesn't work in context or narratively, and is so absurdly forced it hurts. Sorry if this feels insulting, but crossovers don't work with the "Exactly as per Canon" approach. I would know, I threw canon out the window for my Fallout: Equestria and Harry Potter crossover by chapter 1 with the basic premise in spite of NOTHING changing before the end of book 1, which is the beginning of the fanfic.

Basically? Actions and events have consequences, it is bad writing to not follow through with how changes should affect events. You can't have Harry be a demigod while also making him survive without someone to train him and Hogwarts is one of the worst institutions for training people for combat in the world.
8/6/2022 c20 2firebird-fenix
A traduction or translation would be good
8/6/2022 c20 fwasham
Interesting chapter. I'm too lazy to paste all the Irish into google translate so I'll just wait for the next one.

Regarding your note at the end, have you read Power is Control by Rikuriroxa? It's a fem!Voldemort x Harry story where she basically forces him to fall in love with her. You might enjoy it.
8/6/2022 c20 simolorenz95
Bwaahahahahah are you ready Descendant of Peverell to being teach by the God Slayer?
8/6/2022 c20 10ultima-owner
the words he's hearing were welsh and the works on the gate talk about a 'War Maiden' in a castle of Shadow and death. Safe to to say that the celtic gods and greek gods will be little annoyed with each other
8/6/2022 c1 harmscody074
make more please I love k
8/6/2022 c20 4Monster King
Good job please continue
8/6/2022 c20 1SiriusOrionBitch
Yoooo, shout out! Thank you for the dedication! Really excited to see how this arc plays out because boy was that a start and a half! Thank you for updating and take care,

8/5/2022 c2 46Hikari Nova
...okay...why do a crossover if you plan to keep things as close to HP canon as possible? that kind of negates the whole reason for doing a crossover fanfic XD heck trying to keep things as canon as possible also kind of negates the reason of fanfics as well to be honest lol
8/4/2022 c19 2firebird-fenix

Artemis could talk to eris about payback to aphrodite or maybe curse all son and daugthers of aphrodite (turn then on wild animals, specially silena beauregard) until she lift the curse on harry and promise to never target him again, hmmm, that would be awesome and a lesson to the suposed goddess of love, to leave artemis and the other gods and goddesess alone

8/4/2022 c17 Sky3Fall
I really like how you wrote the gods and their powers. They are so far from human its not even funny, and every action of theirs proves it, from Artemis casually turning a person into a constellation, to Aphrodite being the absolute Youkai she is, to Hestia scrying the future without feeling any of the reverence other seers seem to have (except Luna). They are great beings, terrible beings; they've watched and caused the rise and fall of kingdoms and empires, and it's wonderful how that authority is conveyed here.
8/4/2022 c19 bahnannah
I can’t stand bickering. It drives me crazy. Well, crazier because I’m pretty sure I’m insane genetically and that’s not even digging into how twisted and gnarled my family tree is because any therapist who tried would need therapy after one visit and while that would be fun, I don’t have the energy. Ron and Hermione should never be in the same city, much less the same room as each other. Even Draco would be a better person to be friends with because he’s a product of his upbringing. Ron is just an idiot that doesn’t have the brain matter to make an intelligent choice. Get Draco away from his dad and make him understand how life works and consequences, and he would eventually get the bigger picture.

I don’t know that a female Voldemort would work in magical Britain’s male dominant society unless she had more female minions and I have never read cursed child so I don’t know anything about delphini except who her parents are, so I don’t have an opinion about that.
8/4/2022 c19 cowchoas
for you question femvoldemnt or delphinixharry why not do both,
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