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8/4/2022 c19 DT-THUNDER
8/4/2022 c19 fwasham
Honnestly I would happily read either of those stories. Would they include an age gap or would there be something to make the two roughly equal such as time travel or retconning birthdays?
8/4/2022 c19 Guest
So long as Voldemort gets fucked with a chainsaw I don't care.
8/4/2022 c19 6Xedornox
Eh I'd prefer the DelphinixHarry to be honest over the Fem-Vodlemort but either would be fine.

I just think the first would be more easily managed and done, Delphini after all is actually capable of love unlike Voldemort, it would easy to write a story or character development where she realised just how horrible Voldemort is, maybe one where she travels to the past to kill Harry and meet her father but when she meet's him he totally disregards her or something despite her being his daughter or maybe he even laughs at her or gets angry at her even suggesting the idea of him having a daughter.

The second one would be a bit harder but some people do believe that Tom Riddle when he was younger if he was shown love and affection and genuine care that he could of learned to love and care back, despite the entire "He was born from false love thus cannot love thing" most think that if what I said before happened then he could overcome that critical weakness of his or rather her's in the possible stories case.

Harry going to the past because if it was adult Voldemort then there would be noway for that pairing to truly work because all Voldemort cares about post Harry Potter's birth is straight up killing him to prove to everyone and himself that he truly is the most powerful and is unstoppable.
8/4/2022 c19 LadyPhoenix68
Fem voldie and Delphini x Harry do not appeal much to me. I like a good Harry Bellatrix or Maybe you can do something never done: Harry x Alecto Carrow

Just do not do Harry Umbridge, no one can stomach that.

As for the chapter, I think Harry was cursed to Love before Aphrodite got involved. She was more speaking aloud what the weird trio, those horrible maidens of fate had already planned for him. There is also the matter of the Horcrux which is what makes this a requirement but walking to death could be many things from visiting thanatos and hades to what happened in canon and many things in between.
8/4/2022 c19 kaitlyn.knotts
Kick his ass girl!
8/4/2022 c19 4Monster King
Awesome work please continue
8/4/2022 c19 2Thundramon
Honestly you could have both, it's not like Voldie would care as long as she got what she wanted.

She is Voldie, why would she care if others called it demeaning for a mother and daughter to be involved with the same boy or for a woman to cradle rob someone nearly 50 years her junior, she could own it just like she owns everything else including Harry himself.

I imagine Delphini to be a bit more broken and less ferocious than her mom, but I doubt Voldie would mind sharing with her daughter after all her daughter also belongs to her. So if she and Delphini want Harry at the same time, they would both have it.

Heck, she would likely encourage Bella also to jump in too as Bella belongs to her as well. So if she wants Harry and Bella at the same time, she will get it.

If Harry ever resisted her in anyway, she would likely gaslight him endlessly until he gave in. Delphini and Bella would get the same treatment or would have already gotten the same treatment so much so they would not be able to resist her in any meaningful way.

Thats my take on a sociopathic Voldie having a relationship with Harry.
8/4/2022 c19 jessessanto
Maninho Snape pode ler mentes e com certeza limparia o chão com essas caçadoras
8/4/2022 c19 1SiriusOrionBitch
Unsure on how I'm wanting this to proceed now. I know it's not a straight fluff story and I'm perfectly fine with that but I can't help but want something to actually go right with Harry. All of which is a complement to you as you've written the characters really well! Take care,

8/3/2022 c18 10ultima-owner
Aphrodite wanted him to know love, just not the love the hunters expected.
8/2/2022 c18 bahnannah
I imagine the fight was cathartic for both of them. It’s nice seeing Hermione and Ron protecting Harry from the others and Harry from his own internal demons. Artemis definitely needs mama time and mama time is not always for cuddles.
8/2/2022 c18 welcome007
this is so good.
7/30/2022 c17 kaitlyn.knotts
Honestly I didn’t think she went to help him. However you got me at halftime. She was cuddling Harry and I was like damn okay no revenge. She’s been a decent aunt. Then you switched it up and won the game. Well played
7/30/2022 c17 ultima-owner
Hestia does not take those who betray family well. the rat will not survive the night
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