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for Under the Hunters Moon

7/24/2022 c4 2A10riddick
Great chapter!
7/24/2022 c3 A10riddick
Great chapter!
7/24/2022 c2 A10riddick
Great chapter!
7/24/2022 c1 A10riddick
Great start!
7/23/2022 c2 Heero05
I totally agree with you. The movie and books played off Harrys abuse as silly, but realistically he would have turned out way different.
7/21/2022 c3 45VinCredable
Son of Artemis... a leather jacket and a swiss army knife. Hmm.

That sound familiar... (stares at screen suspiciously)
7/20/2022 c13 4Monster King
Awesome please continue
7/19/2022 c13 1SiriusOrionBitch
Great chapter! interested to see the actual meeting whenever you present it! Take care,

7/19/2022 c13 welcome007
Thanks for update
7/19/2022 c12 4Monster King
Awesome work
7/12/2022 c11 3tOSdude
It can get a bit disorienting when you switch between 1st and 3rd person, especially in the same sentence.
7/12/2022 c12 LadyPhoenix68
The subtle thing I noticed is that it was a man with shield and wand saying that is was a girl in "My old HOUSE" that needed help. Could there be a portrait of salazar slytherin that people don't realize is him on the wall there?

Better yet, how did a firstie end up behind a portrait in a hidden room in first place?
7/11/2022 c11 1SiriusOrionBitch
Really enjoyed this so far! Looking forward to where you go next! Take care,

7/7/2022 c11 9saxcuL. the all-knowing
A-mc-j: You say these rules like I know them at all.
7/7/2022 c10 A-mc-J
I like this story but there’s a rule to writing dialogue you keep breaking and it’s making reading this much harder than it should be, I tend to come across as an ass when I try to word reviews myself so I just copy pasted someone else

“Each speaker gets a new paragraph. Every time someone speaks, you show this by creating a new paragraph. Yes, even if your characters are only saying one word, they get new paragraphs.”
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