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7/6/2022 c11 7era-romance
poor sirius
7/6/2022 c11 4Monster King
Good work please continue
6/28/2022 c10 Le Phoque Blanc
6/27/2022 c10 LadyPhoenix68
WHo will show?

Athena likely will show with interest in Hermione (maybe legacy descendant) but with real interest in Harry's relationship with Hedwig (owls being sacred) and Athena's nastiness to spiders to make sure acromantula avoid Harry.
Thanatos or Hades to grab the lttle thing in Harry's scar (since Artemis detected something off about it)
Lastly, Son of Artemis means Apollo will show up to see his sister's only kid and perhaps heal him of some of the abuse dursley's gave him.
6/27/2022 c10 16thomaspheasant
please update
6/27/2022 c10 9saxcuL. the all-knowing
27mad97: you are once again missing the point, the basilisk isn't important in the long run, Harry has a vault full of gold why would he want more? and of course, he has nothing but negative traits, that's how he sees himself.
6/27/2022 c10 5intata
So this is good. Real good
6/27/2022 c10 bahnannah
I love Hermione but damn if she’s not a nosey witch. There are times when a person just doesn’t want to share everything they know or think. She doesn’t share much and gets pissy when someone asks or suggests something she doesn’t think she needs but she’s not afraid to impose her beliefs on Harry and Ron. She needs to have a little chat about her problem or someone needs to just flat out embarrass her and ask questions nobody would ask unless it was in private, like her period, sexual orientation and activities, underwear types, etc.
6/27/2022 c10 27mad97
So Harry gave the Basilisk that worth a fortune to Snape for passing grade ? Why he didn't sell it ? And why he is so naive it seems you gave him nothing but nagtive traits the OG Harry was more cunning than this ,you already established he isn't very trusting especially of adults and then he goes and gave something that valuable to Snape for a grade the seem teacher who bullied and showed nothing but hatred and contempt
6/27/2022 c9 4Monster King
6/27/2022 c9 welcome007
I always hated cannon snape. Hope he dies
6/27/2022 c3 welcome007
She should explain
6/27/2022 c1 welcome007
6/25/2022 c1 9saxcuL. the all-knowing
CrazyPets: I noticed that the other day, im to proud to change it.
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