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for Under the Hunters Moon

6/12/2022 c3 god of all
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
6/12/2022 c3 27mad97
About his powers he can inherit Artemis powers after all he is her firstborn and firstborn are stronger also what year is it I mearly asking because it would be better for the story to follow the canon timeline not pushed 10 years so harry can be awkwardlly inserted in Percy's advanture why also haveing to deal with Voldemort at the same time?
6/12/2022 c3 Alcov
Ahh I love these fics with a god being the third parent. Specially Artemis. You could do something like the deathly hallows give immortality so he can join his mother every so often if they get closer.
6/10/2022 c2 ChronosMoon
get rid of the line 'for the most part, the story remains the same' it makes me feels like like I am only reading your plot outline or you felt lazy and just didn't want to write everything that should be in the story.
6/10/2022 c2 4Monster King
6/10/2022 c2 Lord of Erebor
Will harry be wearing glasses?
Or will he have good eyesight as a perk of being a demigod?
6/10/2022 c2 9saxcuL. the all-knowing
27mad97: consider this, Sirius wasn't thinking, he had just lost his best friend and his best friend's wife.
all he had in his head was revenge, he didn't know Petunia, he never met her in canon, and he also didn't consider that he would be going to the single worst place on earth after chasing Peter.
6/10/2022 c1 27mad97
Why Sirius give Harry up when Hagrid told him he was going to take Harry to Petunia knowing that is not what James and Lily's wanted I mean if Hagrid told him he was taking Harry to Dumbldore it would be better
6/10/2022 c2 27mad97
About Harry's personality he should be street smart and survivalist I mean if you grow up locked up in cupboard and given scraps for food and bullied and abused you would develop those traits because no one is looking out for you so you have to look out for yourself
6/10/2022 c1 James Birdsong
Cool story
6/9/2022 c1 lbrinkley01
Definitely following looking forward to more
6/9/2022 c1 Rascal0504
This sounds really good, and I hope you do decide to make this a full story, as I would definitely read it all!
6/9/2022 c1 bahnannah
Sounds great. Similar to the demigod who lived. Interested to see where you take it.
6/9/2022 c1 5DGJabberwocky
This kind of resembled my own story, but very slightly
6/9/2022 c1 Creativenameok
I’m interested in a full story. Thanks for posting the idea regardless of whether or not you do continue it
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