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for Under the Hunters Moon

5/29 c15 Veronica McClure1
Even the God of the Old and New Testaments will have a quite a few things to straighten out with those who abuse children.
5/28 c37 BlueTea21
Very original, very fun. I am heading right over to the sequel. Also, your author page said something about a crossover where Harry is the son of Hestia? That sounds amazing.
5/27 c5 BlueTea21
Someone has probably said this already, but just in case... this chapter has a huge POV flop right after the opening paragraphs.
5/27 c1 BlueTea21
Love this start. I have seen this idea before but it was horribly executedvery kumbayah and hold-handsy. This is already soooooo much better. Mortals should fear the consequences of summoning a god. That's what makes it such a thrill. Love the fact that your Artemis actually has some bite and didn't come baring sunflowers and daisies. Conflict dammit! That's what drives a good yarn.
5/24 c9 Ricee
sorry dude already bored. may have been to trigger happy when I called this fic better then the other one.
5/24 c8 Ricee
I can't actually see Harry accepting the offer. not with the way their last interaction went. plus he's 13. it might be a little soon but the mental effect of discovering he's not actually stupid would give him some confidence and break down some previous trauma. just accepting meekly seems idiotic from every stance. he knows next to nothing about them except for what he heard seconds ago from a biased source.
5/24 c5 Ricee
maybe a little to heavy on the trauma.
5/24 c3 Ricee
I'm liking this, I saw another fic that had a "Artemis is also his mother" plotline and I'm not gonna go check who made it first, but I'm liking this one better then the other one. he would be really op if he got training from a younger age but not really needed.
5/19 c27 1Dalthale1642
I love the headcanon that Ron thinks of problems as a game of chess, I won't lie, and I especially enjoy the fics where that headcanon is used
5/15 c4 Maricat
I agree with you about the crud that is “the firstborn of a god is the strongest” That’s not true I’m the firstborn of my parents and my little sis could probably beat me but it depends we’re about equal
5/11 c33 Ash144
I sincerely hope daphne doesn't get killed in the ministry fight at the end of fifth year let the boy be happy please
5/8 c37 1TYPE-RWBYFanatic64
Percy and Co. don’t understand.
Neither does luke.
The concept of Harry having actual good luck is baffling from an inside perspective, so it is legitimate news.
And luke calling Harry spoiled and detailing how pampered he is?
Great-grandpapy must’ve considered Harry a XXXXX MAJOR threat to hide so much of his past from luke, cause if Luke knew Harry’s true past.
He wouldn’t have as much issue with him.
5/2 c37 Tassadar112
Ah, Luke pressed the Goku button. He shouldna done that.
5/2 c37 27mad97
I noticed Harry say he is the master of Death. Is it just a title or will it mean something other than collecting the Hallows ?Are you the Hallows contacted to scatctha ?
5/1 c37 Guest
Skip the maze
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