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5/1 c37 Guest
Skip maze
5/1 c37 Mitkon2001
Honestly, I wouldn’t mind if you skipped the maze but it would actually be interesting to see him interact with the sfinx since it’s kinda a monster.
5/1 c37 cowchoas
make the maze part small part of it, ie harry at the end mummble about part of the maze he shouldnot have to do but doing so to make his mom happy, as he gotten to the cup.
also you going to have harry being smart and hit the cup with something first and trigger the port key only for him to be capture little after wards by someone throw something at him he catch it and port key away in front of everyone
5/1 c37 6YaoiHellian
Completely lost my shit on the E rating bit, was reading this during my lunch break and was so glad I hadn't been drinking anything at the time. As for your question, fast forwarding to when he touches the cup could be a good way to start the chapter. I get not wanting to rehash the same old same old, so take artistic license and bring forth the chaos. Cheers!
5/1 c37 10ultima-owner
he had good luck? it must have been buried real deep with all the chaos magnetic life he has had and will have.
5/1 c37 flamingcrazy86
Luke pushed the Goku button! He shouldn’t a did that! (DBZA is great for one liners!) lol
5/1 c37 17EternalKnight219
If you have to ask, you might as well just skip the maze and go right to the resurrection.
5/1 c37 OmegaTimelord
Yes please skip the maze and jump straight into voldermort’s resurrection
5/1 c37 NuadhaArget
To Tyche must I render praise, a scheme most possible she hath devised. Dear Harry, by fortune blessed or cursed, does find his luck unfathomable, either glorious or of such melancholy as to draw forth tearsno middling state abide.

Take heed, Dear Author, that should you choose to pen these visions of the morrow yet to come, tis possible you shall need to scribe the tale entire for our satisfaction.

The choice is thine, Dear Author, how greatly has the Labyrinth transformed? And, in truth, does it bear consequence? Methinks that Fair Fleur, steadfast and resolute, shall not so easily be vanquished this time around.
5/1 c37 Lukemaster
it would be cool if you showed harry blitzing the maze at Mach jesus
5/1 c37 bobo77
I am of the opinion that the maze can do good set-up. you don't have to do every obstacle, but knowing whomever Harry meets on the way tells us if things if any foul play aside from the portkey cup happen or if it's just "Harry blitzed over every obstacle before the second cannon fired"
5/1 c37 Ash144
THAT WAS LEGENDARY! & yes it's fine to skip the maze part anyway as it's just a big build-up to the resurrection.
5/1 c37 4Monster King
Awesome work please continue I'm enjoying the story
5/1 c37 WhiteEagle1985
Interesting preview... but don't skip the maze!
5/1 c37 Sons of death
Can’t wait.
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