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5/1 c37 Bear Of Wars
5/1 c37 1oye-pivot
Great chapter, for the maze I don't really care if I see it or not, maybe just resume it by a few phrase but that it
5/1 c37 22Clavyus
Skip away. Seen it in all kinds of ways...
5/1 c37 3Child of Fate 9204
Rush the maze part if there is no interesting or imp plot
5/1 c37 ZBHunter
Sure skip the maze
5/1 c37 bahnannah
Eh you can skip the maze. I’ve read so many variations that they’ve become boring.

Oh Harry is going to go HAM on Luke’s ass. Voldemort has a better chance of resurrecting again than Luke does of not getting his whining ass beat like Lucius to his house elves.

For a minute I got confused with Tyche and was thinking she was Lily. Wrong fic. Lol. Yeah she shouldn’t have mentioned luck to Harry. Bad idea. Bad bad bad. So bad that it’s as if her luck has run out. She played Russian roulette and lost.
5/1 c37 TimelessKing0619
Worth it
5/1 c37 NeoOrario18
skip it or finish the maze part in two or one paragraph(s) no need to drag it out and waste an entire chapter
5/1 c37 NeoOrario18
yeah skip the maze part or instead of finish the maze part within one or two paragraph(s) no need drag and waste an entire chapter on that
4/30 c37 nlou
if you want to make the maze a non factor you do you boo, I do think it would be a disservice to all of the champions' characters though.
4/30 c37 ForTheHonor
Yes-ish on skipping the maze. Put a tiny bit in, beginning maybe and getting the cup, but otherwise let's get to the important part, and most importantly: NO MAJOR CLIFFHANGERS!
I would rather wait an extra week or even two weeks for you to finish enough chapters so you didn't have to put in cliffhangers.
Example: Ch41 was a good end of chapter, left us wanting more without blue balling us.
Ch39 however was an example of a (imo) bad cliffhanger. While it accomplished the intent of us begging for more, it blue balled us into insanity. Thankfully you had the next chapter ready to go the next day.
Please don't take any of this the wrong way, it's just proof of how good your writing and this story is.
4/27 c18 Arturia LeFay
now if only they throw an Emiya sized wrench it would be even better!
4/27 c18 Arturia LeFay
I really love how they combine some elements of the Fate series
4/27 c17 Arturia LeFay
Luna is simply Luna! she's too amazing to ever be described accurately!
4/27 c10 Arturia LeFay
Snape does not beg! he annoys you until you cave in.
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