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for Under the Hunters Moon

4/30 c37 nlou
if you want to make the maze a non factor you do you boo, I do think it would be a disservice to all of the champions' characters though.
4/30 c37 ForTheHonor
Yes-ish on skipping the maze. Put a tiny bit in, beginning maybe and getting the cup, but otherwise let's get to the important part, and most importantly: NO MAJOR CLIFFHANGERS!
I would rather wait an extra week or even two weeks for you to finish enough chapters so you didn't have to put in cliffhangers.
Example: Ch41 was a good end of chapter, left us wanting more without blue balling us.
Ch39 however was an example of a (imo) bad cliffhanger. While it accomplished the intent of us begging for more, it blue balled us into insanity. Thankfully you had the next chapter ready to go the next day.
Please don't take any of this the wrong way, it's just proof of how good your writing and this story is.
4/27 c18 Arturia LeFay
now if only they throw an Emiya sized wrench it would be even better!
4/27 c18 Arturia LeFay
I really love how they combine some elements of the Fate series
4/27 c17 Arturia LeFay
Luna is simply Luna! she's too amazing to ever be described accurately!
4/27 c10 Arturia LeFay
Snape does not beg! he annoys you until you cave in.
4/24 c8 Alice Scarlett Knabel
why would harry be cool with working with someone that attacked him
4/10 c24 ArachnidHiveMind
Soooo like, I know it’s not what you meant. Buuuuuuuut, you said with Aphrodite’s curse that he would fall in love with his greatest enemy’s child. Then, here with Hestia, you called himself his greatest enemy. Soooooooooooo….. by all the logic of Greek prophecy and cruses and their terrible irony…he should fall in love with his daughter.

No seriously this could totally be a Greek tragedy from ancient time. A king worries about his future, goes to oracle (or maybe pisses off Aphrodite and she tells him this curse) and in an effort to avoid it. Has his soldiers kill all his worst enemies daughters without his ever meeting them, and marries sister of his best friend. He thinks he’s covered all the bases, no way he’ll ever willingly go to his death now right? WRONG in some generic situation, his daughter in the far future is put in grave danger, and with agape leveles of storge, or heck since it’s Greece it could be agape levels of Eros (Greek words for sacrificial, familial, and romantic/sexual love respectively), he willingly goes to his death. BOOM curse/prophecy fulfilled. Moral of the story? Don’t piss off Aphrodite.

Tell me that doesn’t have some serious Oedipus Rex and Jason and the Argonauts vibes.
4/4 c36 Darkanaklusmos70
4/3 c20 aliestrikehero
...Shishou? Is that you?
3/30 c29 3The Aberrant One
Oookay. Full disclosure here. Not a fan of the Percy Jackson 'verse. Not a hater, just never read the books or watched the movies. The only info I really have is what I looked up online so I wasn't completely clueless.

That being said, this had been one crazy ride (crazy enough to have me binge reading from yesterday and distract me from my own projects). I did have an issue early on with the sudden changes of PoV, but I noticed that faded after the early chapters and I figure you've probably gone back and fixed any of those you came across (and believe me, I know what that's like when going back and finding mistakes you might have made earlier...that can drive one a little insane).

But damn, this is getting intense and you're one of those writers that manages to make a crossover like this work.

On another note, I also want to say that your "Percy Jackson" side of the fic reads less of that setting and reminds me more of a certain other similar setting from an RPG that came out around the same time.

Have you ever heard of an old RPG called "Scion"?
3/26 c4 Silverwingzz
Sounds like Atalanta, couldn’t be anyone else that has that description.
3/25 c34 MultiversalCosms
Having read this, I loved it in general.

I do think you are too nice to Snape, but I loved Harry's claiming.

Will go on to the next one.
3/24 c10 MultiversalCosms
I'm not going to yell at Harry making the deal. But Snape doing it? Utterly unethical. And he is taking advantage of Harry.

If Dumbledore is allowing it...yow.
3/23 c17 hdres
Very sad chapter. I really felt for Harry. Hopefully things will get better soon. Thank you for sharing your story
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