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for Under the Hunters Moon

3/22 c13 hdres
Exciting chapter. Good to see Harry complete a hunt without injury. Thank you for sharing your story
3/22 c5 hdres
Great chapter. I am enjoying your story particularly the struggles Artemis is having in balancing her feelings about Harry. Thank you for sharing your story
3/21 c1 Smile Giver11
I've read this twice in one month, and the sequel is even better. You're a fantastic author.
3/19 c1 Grimm Insomniac
This is an amazing story
3/18 c6 8Tamphis
Wait, not even the body? You do remember the rule, right? You kill it, you claim it!
3/13 c6 4Wondla Master
Wow, I really like the way you've managed to intergrate reality and PJ world into this!

But... I really, really hate how you keep switching back and forth between first and third person. Is there a point where you finally choose between using "I/Me" and "He/She/Them/They" to tell the story? It gets really confusing and totally breaks up your story flow! "I sigh before folding away the blade and placing it back into his trunk, right back where he had put it last time..." This sounds like Harry is referring to someone else's trunk rather than his own, where someone else had put the blade in. There are so many times where I had to stop my reading to figure out who was being spoken about and what was actually being done.

Okay, now THATS off my chest, like I was saying at the start, otherwise, this is a really good story so far! I think you've done really well with portraying how the characters feel and why they react the way that you have them reacting. I am very curious to see if you ever get around to healing these traumas though, at least partially, and look forward to seeing new chapters.
3/1 c32 thebetawholived
"Tag! You're it." Great close to a story with lots of lovely twists and turns.

If I'm allowed to wish for simething, it would be an omake where Dudley and his gang try to bully Harry
2/27 c20 thebetawholived
kinda frustrating to not have a translation - but Harry doesn't eithrr
2/15 c6 Corwin
I can’t read anymore. Story good but you suck at writing first person.
2/14 c1 13Mystic Sharman
I hope that Harry is primarily the son of James and Artemis. With Lily acting as a surrogate. Otherwise this series should be about Female-Demigod!Harry.
1/25 c1 I Am The Weeb Lord
What is the sauce for the fanfiction picture of this story?
1/22 c3 4Revan Nonaka
NEVER switch over to first person in a story, it's jarring.
1/17 c6 fooplaya
I kinda wonder if Artemis will be jealous that Harry has Athena's symbol as his amazing familiar/pet/friend? :P
1/17 c4 fooplaya
the idea of the first born being more powerful comes from a couple things, one of which is the Rite of Primogeniture, an ancient roman law iirc
1/11 c32 Andorxor
I think someone must say to Zeus that he is turning into his dad
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