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6/11 c69 mask3d.b4tt4lion1
Nah sakurashit can't be authoritarian even against kiba's dog she dont have the apparence for and she look like a barbie ugly !
6/10 c51 10jiro
The gale palm combo is a Boruto reference no?
6/9 c21 k0beni-hime
5/31 c41 10jiro
Finally! Finished the arc, even though its long, it was still pretty entertaining in my opinion. Glad that the focus is now back on Naruto and his team!
5/29 c39 10jiro
holy cow this team8 arc kind of a slog, I mean it's alright and you did indicate that this can be skipped. Just a suggestion, perhaps you can revisit it and trim it down perhaps, hope you don't take this the wrong way. Though I'm still enjoying the fic
5/29 c18 k0beni-hime
Write more! More naruino! <3
5/28 c17 Bro-Code02
Ino's Mom maybe clairvoyant. She knew the Future apprentice of The Great Pervy-Sage was their part-timer.
5/28 c17 k0beni-hime
sorry I skipped the team 7 arc, I'll just read it when I run out of naruino moments, btw, Ino was sweet for doing that
5/28 c9 k0beni-hime
I know romance isn't the main focus but I can't get enough, Ayame's senses are tingling
5/28 c5 k0beni-hime
the jankenpon part was pretty unique, especially the formatting! And as usual they're so cute together! <3 keep it up!
5/28 c34 10jiro
sheeeesh naruto's rizz game tho
5/28 c3 k0beni-hime
WAHHHH theyre so adorable! Luv it!
5/27 c1 Bro-Code02
This is good!
5/26 c1 17Professor Donger
why would you add line breaks for characters thoughts wnd not just write out what theyre thinking like its dialogue? just italicize like you're doing and then remove "in characters mindit would read so much better and not break up the flow of the text
5/25 c32 10jiro
sick, pretty cool concept!
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