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for The Love in the Lovemaking

11/28/2022 c1 Kilismiley
Their chemistry is on point
8/11/2022 c8 Bones2014
Couldn’t sleepfound the time to read this. Wow! Absolutely amazing. Perfect B&B story! Really them! And Booth…perfectperfectly hot in this one! That last description of him leaning naked against the wall is emblazoned in my head! Brilliant! Can’t wait for the next story.
8/4/2022 c5 2Rookie Blue for ever
I love it you did great job.
8/2/2022 c8 83LoveShipper
That is incredible sweet that Booth and Bones' first date includes some of the places they went to in the early days.
7/25/2022 c7 jsboneslover
Fantastic chapter. Can't wait for the date.
7/10/2022 c7 LoveShipper
Yeah the love confession we were all waiting for.
7/6/2022 c7 dms517
Wonderful and so sensual.
7/5/2022 c7 jess1616
Sweet chapter. Enjoying this story. Too bad it’s ending soon though :( Thanks for writing and sharing.
7/5/2022 c7 50-861-8274
7/5/2022 c7 jsboneslover
Hot update!
7/2/2022 c6 KnitMama
Wow! Just discovered this story, and it's awesome! You should have been a Bones writer - this is much better than the way they handled their coming together :-) Looking forward to the next chapter! So glad you are writing again :-)
6/28/2022 c6 HangingFromTheSky
Really enjoying your story
6/27/2022 c6 zulis Rosales
Me encianta
6/27/2022 c6 111GalaxieGurl
This just keeps getting better and better!
6/27/2022 c6 bhfont
they have extremely strong will power! wow!
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