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6/16 c2 14elizasky
That's very sweet. I'm convinced that you are right that Anne and John are kindred spirits! It certainly makes sense that John-the-former-adventurer would cherish a poet who lets him experience the thrill of drinking the world in in great gulps, and that Anne might appreciate that too, alongside her Story Club adventures.

I thought you did a good job portraying the moment where Anne realizes that John will die. She understands it profoundly and shatteringly all at once, when she hadn't given it two seconds' thought before. That was very her. Unlike Gilbert, who's over there fretting and giving himself ulcers.

I wonder what Anne and Gilbert will say to one another now. They have different relationships with John and different ways of expressing their grief, but I wonder whether their experiences here will allow them to speak more frankly and compassionately to one another.
6/16 c1 elizasky
I liked the parallels in this chapter. Marilla thinking about her regrets and conveying them to Anne indirectly — John urging Gilbert to live his life in a way that he won't have quite so many regrets. You write the intergenerational relationships well.
This chapter also had a good tone — cozy, but with undertones of longing and melancholy. I think the weather at the beginning set that up well. You did a good job of showing a lot without spelling everything out.

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