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5/21 c65 Zamasu black
Great chapter and looking forward to reading the next chapter when It’s available. Is izuku going to call sabo for help with getting the citizens of germa kingdom to relocate to a Revolutionary Army controlled island because he should remember that sabo told him that he belongs to an organization that helps the people in need so this could be a opportunity for izuku to trust sabo word
5/17 c65 Guest
Random question, maybe I missed it if was answered before, will Izuku and Yamato make a crew? Or is it just gonna continue being them alone while randomly joining other people for arcs then leaving?
5/13 c65 CrossFire2006
You really enjoy leaving us with the hipe right XD? This chapter was great, amd now we really begin the war with the germa 66, i cant waith!
5/14 c65 1TheGreatBubbaJ
Still not fully looped. Finally caught up, looking forward to more.
5/14 c64 TheGreatBubbaJ
The question is how quickly they picked up the scent.
5/14 c63 TheGreatBubbaJ
Wonder how the lad will handle having to directly combat the Marines.
5/14 c62 TheGreatBubbaJ
Well at least someone is having a breakthrough.
5/14 c61 TheGreatBubbaJ
Our duo is a bit ridiculous to the folks of the blues.
5/13 c60 TheGreatBubbaJ
The lad is making all kinds of friends.
5/13 c59 TheGreatBubbaJ
It'll be fun when they're all honest.
5/13 c58 TheGreatBubbaJ
The lad seems to be collecting the daughters of powerful people, if he can get a Charlotte and a blood Daughter of Newgate he'll complete the set.
5/13 c57 TheGreatBubbaJ
Assuming they don't "resolve" everything this arc gearing up to have their own WCI down the line.
5/13 c56 TheGreatBubbaJ
Time to go Hero all over them. The lad is definitely going to have to be blooded.
5/13 c55 TheGreatBubbaJ
I hope she gets the job, looking like they be a pretty potent crew from the word go.
5/13 c54 TheGreatBubbaJ
They've started to get a more solid plan for setting out.
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