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for One Piece Reincarnation: Return

4/15/2023 c7 zkianpour371
please update more
4/15/2023 c4 zkianpour371
8/7/2022 c7 EnnieY3ll0W
this is so fun to read, looking forward to the next chap, if there's any
7/29/2022 c6 beans
i fucking love this its so good I can describe it lol it makes me so happy and exited at the same time
7/28/2022 c7 Whyiseverythintaken
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm interesting
7/21/2022 c7 Guest
7/21/2022 c7 Sora Rider X
I love this way too much ...please update soon can't wait for more and I really love the fact u made luffy be in Nika form
7/21/2022 c1 Hellibleri
This is so cool! I’m gonna read one more chapter today.
7/21/2022 c7 jbXCR12
This is a great story but it is a shame that I’m not into BL, I can’t stand it, however, I did enjoy it and I hope you can continue making wonderful stories.
7/18/2022 c6 EliraMargaux
Love your story ! When are you going to update it ?
7/8/2022 c5 N1cok
Why does Dragon think Luffy's crew would attack him?
7/3/2022 c6 Cookie1657
YESS, I swear I love this fanfiction.
It's really good. I hope you will update soon. I am really excited for the next chapters.
6/28/2022 c5 Guest
Oh man this is funny and amazing. Will be waiting for new chapter.
6/13/2022 c2 Sandy Carrion Mondragon
espero con ansias las proximas actualizaciones una pregunta porque casi no entendi
1) lufy es alvino ?¡
2) sus nakamas se acuerdan sus vidas pasadas o solo porque conocieron a luffy se acordaron de su pasado.
3) si se acordaban de el porque no lo reconocieron o buscaron?¡
ahh quiero ver le reeencuentro asl se que es muy pronto y que la historia recien empezo jajaja perdon jajaj
4) sabran los demas que luffy regreso ?¡
6/12/2022 c2 ChuLian
Interesting story! Thank you for your work!

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