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2/19 c11 gatopicaro831
Gracias por tu historia
2/19 c11 Sandy
Muchas felicidades un maravilloso fic gracias por esta experiencia
2/19 c11 Bayby Face
Wow, that's lovely! Indeed, what's life if you stopped fighting for it? I love this story, you were able to describe beautifully the ugliness of human personality through the different characters in this fic... I'm looking forward to read more stories from u
2/19 c11 Arianne Luna
Es hermoso
2/18 c10 Bayby Face
Wow! What a realization! It's great that Ranma did try to become patient and did not let himself be eaten by fury. Akane, it's good that she experienced this, at least she now knows that sweet guys are not always the right guy, a right guy may not always have the right words but they do have the right actions
2/15 c10 Sandy
Me alegro que Akane ya allá reflexionado y que Hiro no se allá llegado a propasar con ella, espero con mucha emoción el capítulo que falta muchas gracias por compartir ️️️
2/15 c10 gatopicaro831
Gracias por tu actualización
2/15 c10 Arianne Luna
Lo espero emocionada
2/15 c10 James Birdsong
Cool three chapters in my humble opinion.
2/14 c8 Nodoba98
Odio cuando Ranma sufre por Akane y cuando Akane sufre por Ranma !
simplemente no puedo soportarlo ! amo la historia igual!
maldita gata ya va hacer de las suyas !
muy bueno espero ansiosamente el siguiente capítulo
siii ranma abre los ojotes akane quiere sentirse amada no q la este ofendiendo
q bueno leer nuevamente este fic
hoy si esta enojado ranma con las entrometidas ! ojala y ahora si le de su lugar a akane
2/3 c9 Bayby Face
Shampoo... Can be a big b... She's Akane 's ultimate rival, and I'm sure it's her... Poor akane, when is she going to stop being stubborn and Ranma, when will he grow up, thanks to Mousse, Ryoga and Ukyo who had been on their side,,, i knew hiro is up to no good but drugging a girl is insane ... This is a good material esp for teenagers who, like akane wants to explore, wants to date and feel loved, sometimes the more you search for it the more u hurt yourself physically mentally emotionally... I'm excited too read the next
2/3 c8 Bayby Face
If I'm Ranma I'll have doubts with the plan, too, however, if that boy is a pervert, it's up to akane to defend herself unless she indeed want to be a damsel in distress or a submissive to a brand new man for the brand new her I'm curious on how this will turn out
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