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for Naruto: Master of Magic? Mystic Arts? IDK Stuff

7/5 c1 Guest
Wow this is bad.
6/27 c1 Cosray8d
Let's see where this is going...
6/22 c1 Mthatha SA
This fic is ass ...pure booty cheek...trash...a dumpster fire if you will
6/15 c1 AvexedAuthor
Huh so imma guess that since chakra is a combination of spiritual and physical energy, as long as he is in this universe they will remain seperate. Explains why his strength and speed are equivalent to chakra enhanced physicality. So maybe after learning to harness magic with hos spiritual he could recombine them for super move type abilities?
6/15 c1 taiwoeretan1
So instead of Sage Mode Naruto will be learning magic, that's interesting.
6/15 c1 18Otsutsuki no Yami
I'm not sure if I am sold with this whole idea of yours. Naruto losing chakra, practical throwing away what Naruto is. Second, its practical pathetic how weak he sounds. Giving humans way too much credit for their so called smarts and strengths.

You could have kept his chakra and added equally sized magical power to him. But I will see how this plays out. Hopefully isn't worse than I think.
6/14 c1 Guest
A little OTT with Superman bashing
6/14 c1 Panther-Strife
I already starting to dislike this story... what reason would Naruto punch Superman, along with Naruto's hand not getting hurt by Superman's skin and Superman flying from that punch... that is very bad writing.

also why not pair Naruto with Donna Troy... the first Wonder girl, plus it's weird that The Light found Naruto first and not the Justice League... Superman would've heard Naruto screaming while he was falling and came to save him... plot hole.

I am not hating on you it's just weird and I hope that you can fix your story and make it better. later
6/14 c1 1NaruLemon Stories
Looks interesting
6/14 c1 Darth Kyuubi kurama
Does Naruto still have kurama?
6/14 c1 sten227
oh hope a magic arcs too yj canon doesn't really explore that
6/14 c1 8Gundam Meister Uzumaki
Please don't use Zatanna. There are already too many stories with that pairing.
6/14 c1 Gundam Meister Uzumaki
Please don't use Zatanna. There are already too many stories with that pairing.
6/14 c1 LightingAbyss
I like it keep up the good work.

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