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3/27 c59 KeikiBelle
Just finished this story and loved it! Thank you it was exactly the read you intended. ;)
2/29 c59 18iambeagle
I listened to the song and it’s perfect! Love that Emmett is getting everything he deserves. And Bella too. Hardworking, boss bitch lady! I’m happy they got their perfect ending, the one just for them. Thank you for this heartfelt sometimes frustrating but entertaining tale! And I’m so sorry it took me so damn long to finish it. Your way with words is seamless, always giving enough but never overdoing it. One of my favorites. I hope you are cooking up something new for us! Onto… Badlands now?
2/29 c58 iambeagle
His house sounds dreamy. And I’m so happy he’s going to continue making music even if I it’s not the way he hoped. I don’t imagine he’d be happy ever not creating - he adjusted his expectations and dreams but that’s life. You adjust.

Their bedroom reunion was perfect. Sexy, sensual, sweet- THEM. I love love love the whisper in her good ear *snort* but really, so damn sweet and heartfelt. I’m happy for this realistic look at them getting together and taking it slow, finding a way to fit in each other’s lives. Not rushed, not drawn out. Just real. Thank you! Onto the last.
2/29 c57 iambeagle
Oh he is in full-on fucker mode with his charm! Damn. I’d be a puddle like yes, yea I’ll move in with you even though you didn’t actually ask, sorry, stuck with me for LIFE. You know he wants it. And I love that he does. I love his thoughts about her. Swoooooon.
2/29 c56 iambeagle
I hope things with him and Carlisle can be mended. I’m sure with time. I mean, Bella is going to be married to him and surely Carlisle can’t hate his niece’s husband? Lol wishful thinking. But I’m glad Edward is on this new path and I hope he’s able to get on good terms with the guys. I can’t imagine any of them blaming or hating him after this statement; esp when he blames and hates himself the most. I wanna waaail.
2/29 c55 iambeagle
Slow and steady. Slow slow burn. I’m loving it. It’s what they need! I’m happy he’s allowing this and not rushing them. They’re gonna be fire together when they cave.
2/29 c54 iambeagle
I’m happy he’s taking her merely sitting there and listening and holding his hand as something good and not twisting it to feel sorry for himself. He put in the work, and it shows! Happy tears lol character growth! Beautiful to see and feel and believe.
2/29 c53 iambeagle
I appreciate his side and explaining everything to her in what feels like very sincere Edward. and I completely get that it would be hard for her to be like K THANKS ILY. So I’m glad she’s not making it easy but she’s also not being ugly - just truthful. It’s the only way to move forward. And I trust that they will ;)
2/29 c52 iambeagle
Idk I kinda like that he’s just there hanging out and not pushing her. Letting her know he’s there and willing to talk but not being overbearing about it. And supporting Emmett while he’s doing it. Bring on the groveling!
2/29 c51 iambeagle
Not the worst convo, his balls are still intact, but she’s definitely not budging. Yet, anyway. And I don’t blame her! It’s good for him for him to see her stand up for herself. I’m glad he said sorry and seems apologetic but I hope to hear more when she lets him
2/29 c50 iambeagle
Yes, take the venom. Accept the venom. I hope we get to hear some of it next chapter lol I’m glad he was feeling the way he did when he saw her at the show. But now I wanna hug him too grrrrr you do this to me lolllll
2/29 c49 iambeagle

I’m so happy for Emmett though - he deserves everything.

2/29 c48 iambeagle
Aw man. Well I want to just hug her now. I get her thinking like he couldn’t even bother but I also think he just truly probs let thinks she doesn’t want to hear from him at all. Pride! Wah.
2/29 c47 iambeagle
Oh snap. That lurking lurker was the crowd. I hope he saw how happy Bella is. That she’s living her life and making the best and that no, she doesn’t need him! She might still want him. Sure. But he didn’t break or destroy her like he thought he would. Sighhh. I need to hear from that man right about now lol
2/29 c46 iambeagle
Hi it’s me, the problem and worst reader ever! Back at it though! I’m glad Carlisle and Bella had a good, heartfelt conversation but i’m THRILLED Edward finally told Carlisle everything. I hope that means he’s on the right path… and will reach out to Bella soon? I need him to be the one to make contact first. I’m annoying like that, I know!
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