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7/23/2022 c16 2Sunflower Fran
It was refreshing to see he wasn’t always such a jerk.
7/23/2022 c14 mysticfighter111
Edward should get used to the fact that he is not the center of Bella's universe anymore and it is on him to make his wife trust him. He didn't keep track of Bella and her live, why should Bella? And she is right. If their past relastionship will be a topic, which might be if Lauren should choose so to make Bella look bad, it will reflect a lot worse on Edward. Bella has grown up and learned from experiences, Edward better get used to it. He goes from apologizing to accusing in the blink of an eye - unjust and lame.
7/22/2022 c16 rochinha058
I want to know when Edward does see her as more than a student
7/22/2022 c16 frostedglaze
He seems like a dumb conceited shallow prick in this chapter. He let himself get bamboozled by Lauren's looks, and didn't see that she is one hell of a clinger. She has no redeeming qualities and latched on to Edward for his looks and money.
7/22/2022 c15 frostedglaze
All of this because of a kiss?! I thought they had an affair, where they got all naked and played twister? If this is all about a kiss, and if Edward and Lauren were not even together at that time, then Lauren is just psychotic. I didn't appreciate her demeaning Bella at work event. I hope Aro let Edward know about his whore, I mean his wife's inappropriate behavior. Edward is just a hen pecked prick who deserves Lauren.

As for Bella, I am proud of her for standing up to him in this chapter, but a part of me wanted to slap her for letting Lauren get to her. Now Lauren knows that she can beat Bella on her work turf, and will no doubt be making surprise visits to humiliate her. Bella better get it together, and fight back.
7/22/2022 c16 Guest
Can’t wait for more
7/22/2022 c16 WonkeyDonkey
Great updates. I enjoyed the peek into Edwards head.
7/22/2022 c16 sherylb
Lauren is really insecure
7/22/2022 c15 sherylb
I’m surprised it was just a kiss! And he wasn’t married at the time? Why is Lauren so pissed off?
7/22/2022 c16 tas62
Lauren sounded like a bit of a needy witch before he married her...dumb decision.
7/22/2022 c15 tas62
If it was just a kiss, what the heck was such a shocking event about it?
7/22/2022 c16 Lettee
I hope he suffers. So far he got everything he wanted at the expense of Bella's suffering
7/22/2022 c16 SMB1988
Seems like he may only be an asshole as of late, but seems he was so wrapped up in Lauren's need to be the constant center of attention, that he forgets his wants and needs; just falling into this never-ending cycle.
7/20/2022 c15 SMB1988
I cannot wait to see what happens next. I love that she is chewing him up one side and spitting him out.
7/20/2022 c15 Sunflower Fran
It was only a kiss?
Get over it.
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