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7/26 c5 LongLiveTheAncientKing
All of these story ideas are actually really interesting.

I would honestly favor either the Naruto story or Harry Potter due to how limited these types of ideas are. As most Naruto fanfic's are usually based on Naruto being more perceptive and intelligent, while for Harry Potter there's a common trend of heir Potter, slytherin, black or with Sirius becoming his guardian or Harry is independent.

Involving the Naruto story I've been desperately searching for more on the premise of Naruto inherits Minato, Kushina, Hashirama, or Ashura's memories as he holds direct connection to all four of them. Added on I really like the story your aiming to tell involving the changes in his personality and how it affects the people around him.

While for Harry Potter I like the more realistic takes on the story, added on that it would likely feel extremely original as I think I've only read maybe 2 fanfic's covering someone attending Beauxbatons as a student, so seeing someone willing to cover that honestly makes me excited.

If you ever decide to flush out any of these I'd honestly be really interested in reading them.
6/30 c3 ilayhyams
I hate the whole super-secret quirk personally. People figure out their quirks at the age of 4 or birth for mutant quirks. Izuku doesn't have a quirk factor so unless you change that him getting a quirk is just too AU and it is overused.
6/17 c5 Guest
All great chapters!
6/19 c3 Striking Thanatos
Good premise.
6/19 c4 Striking Thanatos
6/19 c2 Striking Thanatos
Looks good. I'd read it if you ever decided to expand upon it.

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