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for The Stranger I know

8/9 c1 Mystargate
Great Story, wished they used for a Film!
7/19 c52 Guest
I think it would be wise to remind Gracie (since she is supposed to be as smart as the story portrays her) that she circumvented her dad and he did try to stop all this - Maybe that is what Cassie will say, that and maybe a swift spanking. Jack is not a bad guy and although Sam is currently being stupid too it can be excused due to all that she's been through and not really getting to recover between 'events'

Great writing as always - looking forward to how you wrap up everything into our beloved 'golden' family with a side of Daniel and Vala to boot!
6/29 c56 Colleen
Cool loved it , I do hope u will let us know the title of your nxt story soon can't wait to read it.
6/29 c57 Schatze8210
Loved this story! Don’t forget to change the status to “complete “.
6/29 c57 dpdp
Cute and funny ending. Do we have a Part 2 coming with Sammy & Jon as the main characters? Could be very funny. Take care. Thanks for the lovely story.
6/29 c57 5QAkasha
Great ending to a fantastic story. Thanks MG!
6/29 c57 chainguns
GREAT FINISH but maybe can you gift us with a Sammy & Jon story instead of a guest appearance, but it seems perfect except with Marie not there, things in Colorado will probably get complicated fast knowing Grace and as Jake grows. Yes, complicated and crazy will erupt.
6/24 c56 6SabreKai
Sam gets her family again, Jack gets to retire, and be with said family. Hank and Sam both get new jobs. Tell me this ain't the end? Pretty please?
6/24 c55 SabreKai
Way to go, Cassie! We invited to the wedding?
6/24 c56 dpdp
6/22 c56 chainguns
Really good chapter. Ties up most of the loose ends and sets up the happy ending but moving with 2 kids and kinda combining two household will drive them crazy but it should be a fun crazy.
6/19 c55 Aliscats
Hope we're going to get the wedding, loving the story.
6/18 c55 misszoey2011
tell me it is not over. I love this story!
6/18 c55 dpdp
Great. Enjoyed very much.
Glad you enjoyed your home project.
6/17 c55 JodyMarie
I have REALLY enjoyed your story! I enjoy your style of writing and the ups and downs that you have written in this story to get Jack and Sam to this point. Have also enjoyed your characterization of Cassie, Gracie, and the rest of the gang! Looking forward to more!
I had to laugh about your Art Room as it sounds just like my Craft/ Sewing Room! Thanks for sharing such an apt description as it made my day along with this chapter.
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