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for MacGyver-Style Napping

3/29 c10 lindergail
Thanks very much for writing the 1986 Mac. I liked the fact that there weren't guns everywhere. My mom really liked that too. The recent Jack is too deadly.
I appreciate you sharing your talents!
11/22/2022 c10 To The Dreamers
Great job on these! You should keep writing one-shots and 1985 MacGyver stories like this. They are so realistic, funny and well in character.
11/1/2022 c2 To The Dreamers
Hi, you're doing an awesome job on these, seriously!
What you said about access to episodes, if you get a subscription to Frndly TV, you can record and watch Macgyver 1985 on the HeroesIcons channel. The subscription is pretty cheap, I think depending on the plan you get. You can keep recordings up to 9 months. You can skip commercials on recordings. It's really the best TV app plan ever!
There are a lot of really good older shows on H&I (HeroesIconsMacgyver, Walker, Texas Ranger, Batman 1966 TV series, Superman 1950's original series, and some others. there's also a channel on there called METV on the same app (Frndly Tv).
METV- Batman 1966 TV series, Dragnet, The A-Teamthe original 1980's series, not the 2000's movie its trash), and a lot of other great old shows, it is one of the best channels as well.

Hope this helps.

Keep up the good work, it's so awesome to find some original 1980's MacGyver stories, It's truly like finding gold in the midst of the story pile.
I seen there was another MacGyver TV series 2000's I was curious so I looked up the reviews and it was trash. I know people can write stories and leave out things like language and things that were originally in the show, but I was still hesitant in reading that version stories.

Thank you so much.

Sorry for the long comment.
7/16/2022 c10 14uniquelyjas
Nice job with the Pete and Jack banter. Oh, Jack's poor planes. Yes, something will definitely go wrong and Mac will have to be rested to deal with it! LOL!
7/6/2022 c9 uniquelyjas
Excellent chapter! I'm glad Lisa decided to trust Pete and loved how she looked after MacGyver. That Passages references is one of my favorites too and you're says SO MUCH! Actually, as I was reading this chapter, I was thinking of Passages because as far as I can recall, it's the only episode which actually ends with Mac still really recovering from an ordeal...just like you wrote here. Well done!
7/6/2022 c9 5MacsBluegirl
This is absoutely awesome! What a wonderful 'missing scene'! You perfectly caught the moment! Love it!
7/5/2022 c8 14uniquelyjas
Yay! Murdoc! I never fully appreciated this character until I met a fellow fan fic writer who loved him and she helped me understand him much more fully. I love that he's *insulted* that Mac fell asleep...of course he would take it personal. And yes, he wouldn't kill Mac in "cold blood" fun or challenge in that!
7/5/2022 c7 uniquelyjas
I LOVE this chapter! You write Jack really well! I can totally understand Mac being exhausted in this situation. Love the part about make-shift baby food and Jack Jr. being a lethal weapon! And oh, so sweet when Mac snuggled with the teddy bear! LOL...poor Jack with the diaper...just use a towel and some duct tape and you'll be fine! LOL! Excellent writing...I could see/hear it all play out in my head.
6/27/2022 c6 uniquelyjas
Yay! A chapter with Nikki! Makes sense that Mac got knocked on the head...again! Had to laugh at Nikki's urge to slam the trunk's lid shut after she found him! I guess I see Mac's point...What else was there to do?
6/27/2022 c5 uniquelyjas
Another great throwback to an episode. Totally agree with everything...especially the part about Mac not knowing what a bed is and nothing being normal with him anyway:)))
6/27/2022 c4 uniquelyjas
Yeah...Mac never slept in his actual bed! I like this chapter...a bit longer and more detailed. I can certainly see why Mac would fall asleep anywhere after dealing with the stuck Jeep. And I love the conversation between Mac and Pete...very true to character:) Well done!
6/27/2022 c3 uniquelyjas
Fun chapter! Very neat the way you referenced the episode. Poor Mac..."Whoever gets to him first" LOL so very true! And yes, I always liked Helen...she WAS motherly and always watched out for both Pete and Mac.
6/23/2022 c1 vivmac1985
I really love your classic Mac story! They are so fun and with so much original personality! I'm thinking about maybe you can do one with the episode "Rock the Cradle", which Jack found a baby "Jack Jr." in his plane, and Jack need to take care with him with Mac together? It may be interesting seeing Mac try to take care of the baby but dozing off.
6/19/2022 c2 uniquelyjas
I would really like to know what led up to this rescue. Sounds like Mac got himself in some serious trouble...I sense a cool story! I must admit I find it out of character for Mac to rely on someone else coming to his rescue, but it does fit with your theme of him sleeping in weird places AND at weird times! And of course he refuses to go to the hospital. Typical! LOL!
6/19/2022 c1 uniquelyjas
It is SO GREAT to finally see a classic Mac story again! Aw, poor Mac so tired and grouchy and Jack is...well...Jack! Great interplay between the two. I could see and hear it in my head (is that weird?).

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