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for An Icy Quest

6/18/2022 c1 9CaskettFan5
I know how authors can be so busy, it's why my stories take so long to finish. The premise is rather outlandish but I like that you have involved Norway as most of my ancestors are from there. I'm not sure I'm ready for a nasty Santa though. :)
6/18/2022 c1 4AlphaFlash
lols this looks interesting. as always love your work.
6/18/2022 c1 mackymac
Very unique concept. I like how you didnt make the characters seem to be OOC. Keep up the good work and looking forward to get regular updates from this.
6/18/2022 c1 emilysouza221b
Love the story so far, although with Tracy showing Sapphic signs, hope you do Tracey/Ginny as a side pairing.
6/18/2022 c1 GreenEyesAreAwesome
A very interesting first chapter. Looking forward to this story
6/18/2022 c1 2combosoilder
Wow. Just wow. I saw your post on the Haphne discord and I just HAD to check it out.

I am incredibly excited to see where this story goes. I love how you show how much of a celebrity Harry was, especially with the receptionist and her ‘anything’ promise.

And going off up to the north to kill Santa Claus in Harry Potter? I don’t think this story has any chance at being boring.

I am also curious to see how Ginny will react. Everyone seems to be talking about school or starting a career, but honestly, Harry seems to be incredibly disinterested in that. After fighting Voldemort, he would seem to be someone who needs to go on the next big adventure. But that’s just my speculation :)

I can’t wait to see the relationship develop between Harry and Daphne, and the world building you’ll be doing!
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