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6/15 c8 gearblade
I really like this story it was very entertaining keep up the hard work
5/19 c8 Sulzi
Love this fic...time to wait another gajillion years
5/9 c8 Guest
This is an awesome story!
4/13 c8 TheMacGuffinMan
Good stuff.
4/13 c7 TheMacGuffinMan
I love the relationship between Illuyana and Brynden.
4/13 c6 TheMacGuffinMan
Good stuff.
4/12 c3 TheMacGuffinMan
Quality content.
4/12 c2 TheMacGuffinMan
I love this. Thank you.
4/12 c1 TheMacGuffinMan
Wonderfully written. In the cold darkness of a cave we find a heart warming tragedy.
4/12 c8 TheKursed
Absolutely love this! Thank you for the wonderful gift that is this story! 3
4/10 c8 1ArchAngel319
Thanks again PyreElegy for another amazing chapter. I really love this Destiny story for it's unique concept and plot involving a quasi-Guardian and a ahamkara being bonded together as they are. I'm really curious to see how Brynden and Illuyanas relationship continue to grow as the story progresses and how they both may change Destiny's cannon timeline as they help the Last City grow. Also, I loved the little fluff scenes and slice of life stuff we saw in chapter 7 with Yana and would love to see more. Good luck with writing your next chapter, and as always have fun writing.
4/8 c8 Flameis
Like always, thanks for the chapter!
4/8 c8 An Anonymoose
Glad to see an update to this one.
I love the Ahamkara in Destiny, and I wish more people wrote them. I thought that some people might try it after season of the wish, but Inwas sadly disappointed. There's one on AO3 called "O Warlord Mine" by FaintLines17 that has an interesting start to it, but idk if the author abandoned it or not.

Rant over. TL;DR: glad to see you updating this again.
4/8 c8 1hellfire45
Good chapter and I can’t wait to see what happens next
4/8 c8 13UNSC Kawakaze
Hey, I’m glad you made it back. Enjoy the eclipse and be safe. Out of curiousity, do you have a Discord?
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