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9/15 c1 K
An unusual piece, but a very good one.
9/3 c2 Guest
Am I the only who wants to see the proposal or the other big moments(like you did with the pregnancy). I mean the cynism parts of doahne were so well written, it made them humorous. imagine the proposal. ofc daphne would be the one to do it, like it was an everyday thing
8/27 c1 1archangel7431
Interesting fic. Though I think the first epilogue where Harry commits suicide is more likely.
8/27 c2 Hank1967
Brilliant way to end the story! Love how insecure Daphne was and how Harry was able to help her. Really well done!
8/27 c1 Hank1967
Excellent little fic. Rather enjoyed it. Your Daphne is quite original, as is their tale of love. Enjoyed seeing Lily there at the end, too. I like how proud she was of herself for having teased Harry. Could have lived without the 'unhappily ever after' you put at the end. ;) Looking forward to the next chapter!
8/25 c2 Spazzman29
Harry does need to stop her watching the news, especially now that they never report good news. I'm surprised it took them 10 years to marry. They got together at 14, I would have thought they'd marry at around 17/18 Daphne's cynicism notwithstanding.
8/14 c2 9Freudentraene
Nice epilogue. Thank you for expanding on your original story.
8/14 c2 SiriusOrionBitch
Lovely little follow up thank you for posting it! Take care,

7/30 c1 Spazzman29
Good story except for Astoria's death. Too many people kill her because she was dead in that piece of trash that calls itself the 8th book.

Can't believe you had Harry commit suicide though, you are a sadist.
7/12 c1 Guest
Lovely story and deserves a happy ending. Well done.
7/8 c1 Erebusx
A good story but fuck you for the bad joke.
7/2 c1 2ghosttown66
Beautiful, funny, adoring and mesmerising are the things that come to mind.
Thank you.
6/27 c1 WhatHaveIDiscovered
I liked this. And yes it was a bad joke, but I think you recovered. Thanks for sharing!
6/25 c1 1seaweedbrainwisegirl07
I really would have launched a search party to find and slay you if you hadn't added the last paragraph in the Author's Note (huffs annoyed ).

You will live.

For now.
6/25 c1 9zugrian
I liked the backstory for Daphne, a good explanation for 'Ice Queen' type of behavior. Good work. :)
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