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6/25 c1 Guest
8/10. Overall good, some of the snippets lacked sufficient background information.
6/25 c1 SiriusOrionBitch
Great oneshot with a fantastic premise that was well executed! Thank you that was really good to read! Take care,

6/25 c1 iamshinydragonmist
it better be the second ending
6/25 c1 Darth Flamel
Finally a fic where teenagers act like stupid teenagers. Good one.
6/24 c1 niningtantalus
nice story... its true we cannot predict the future, thats why we must use every moment with our love one with happiness, dont be angry at every little thing, be understanding...
6/24 c1 SambhavShandilya
6/24 c1 11Freudentraene
This was a truly unique story that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. Kudos!
6/24 c1 Spider of Dreams
A better epilogue would be nice, lmao but this is a nice little one shot.
6/24 c1 mackymac
Love it, a bit short I think? You have all potential elements and to break this into multi chapters I think. Good work.
6/24 c1 1FrostyTheDopeMan
Very well done
6/24 c1 1MagicSilver7081
Nice premise. The idea of killing curse as a totally taboo is definitely interesting and I could see it being true in magical world. Although I think that we still need to address the anger in Harry's heart because even though he already saw that it was baseless, I believe he still needs healing time too. Luckily for him, he got himself a beautiful girlfriend that will accompany him throughout the process.

Thank you for sharing your story!
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