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6/5 c113 1Warp Spawn
4/16 c98 xx.valtiel.xx
Hey, Chomper is back! Will there be a reunion? xD
4/16 c39 hello
I don't get it why they chose to sneak in while pretending to be slaves, couldn't they just use some form of sneak spell? I don't think it was mentioned.
4/13 c18 mapatrix
Okay book I guess, but I wouldn’t recommend it, main character sees a small child get ripped apart to be eaten by a beastman and kills the beastman, then feels bad and ressurects the beastman and helps it out, oops out of mana for the rest of these humans oh well at least I saved this poor innocent beastman that was mercilessly killed. This doesnt happen exactly but this theme repeats again and again ad infinitum and is morally repulsive and extremely frustrating. 2.5/5
4/13 c88 xx.valtiel.xx
So... I guess this is gonna be an international problem, since Gazef was perfectly aware that it was the Theocracy who attacked the villages and the ones who killed him in the end, I mean, there's nothing the Kingdom can do against them, but as it stands, breaking relations between nations would be the sensible thing, I can see Rampossa not doing shit, since he's quite spineless, but who knows? An alliance between Draco and Re-Estize seems possible.
4/12 c69 xx.valtiel.xx

You know, from my perspective, and it's something I think Drau can't understand, is that Yuriko has always been insane and it's something the Overlord fans that know of Earth would agree on, no human being that was born on that Earth is sane, just being born and living in that corporate hell should be proof enough, people of the NW struggle for survival, the humans on Earth (at least the non rich) just survive, there's nothing they can do to change anything, humans of Earth lost to the metaphorical beastmen, they're enslaved, they are bred and eaten by the rich, cogs in the machine, Yuriko being the way she is, it's just a coping mechanism to survive the insane reality that is the civilization of 2138, Yggdrasil being one of the biggest escapes, no human from that Earth has hope for anything, the idea of it would be preposterous, they just survive, Yuriko being able to attend high school was just a miracle on its own, she did mention she was lucky or blessed, can't remember the exact wording, but it's from my pov, that she is insane, always was, like any other human from Earth, but here in the NW, she can do more than survive, of course everything she's doing is taking a toll on her, but that doesn't matter, cause she has finally found hope, happiness, a chance to live like no other human could back on Earth, save the rich, killing is just an obstacle to keep that happiness, just like Ainz.

Drunk rant over, freaking loving this story author, keep up the good work.
4/11 c13 junese
I now remember why I hate this fanfic. It's so emotionally charged. Like, I get it; being emotional and shit is good for any story since it's just human nature but the MC is just plain annoying on how much of an emotionally charged lesbian she is. This story feels like it was written by a Wattpad writer with all the negative stereotypes that comes along with it.
3/31 c1 1OblivionPugna
I barely read two chapters. All this time I was wondering, is your character stupid or mentally retarded? Everyone told me that this is the best Overlord fanfic, but at the moment my eye is twitching from the behavior of your character. She is both annoyingly childish and willfully obtuse. It's a shame, the description sounded like a good story.
3/31 c109 2Small italian boy
Ahh the first pov was great, I liked the insight of a servant on the whole relationship. This was a great chapter with new prospectives that gave a fresh visions of the people near the main characters
2/29 c54 Mr Mr
Yuriko's bathwater would sell for millions no doubt about it
2/26 c108 Small italian boy
The reinterpretation of the Momotaro's legend and the way interconnect with Drau and Yuriko's relationship was the cherry on top of a lovely chapter.
1/23 c107 Small italian boy
Once again, Emperor Jircniv's stomachache are the founding stone of that magnificent palace that is the Empire of Baharuth's economy. What lengths the young emperor will go to ensure the well-being of its citizens!

The pov of true dragon lords continue to be amazing, one of the best fiction regarding their characterizations and mentality. I, for sure, am always happy to read a chapter about them.
12/25/2023 c106 Small italian boy
A lovely chapter once again. Great mix of wholesome, beautiful relationship and interesting worldbuilding. Loved the reflections on naming senses and how they worked in different worlds, give them a much appreciated depth.
12/7/2023 c59 unicone44
This is so good.

I think i know the mc true strongest Angel.

Its the Dominion Authority, yes im not joking.

The reason why i think so, because the Dominion Authority has a special skill which boost its magic every time its summoned.

This is the mc last trump card, if every other angel failed then she will summon the Dominion Authority which will use holy smite to kill the threat.

Mind you why i think the Dominion Authority is the mc strongest angel, because the mc had played the game for 12 long years.

So bare minimum she probably used Dominion Authority thousands of time.

Also she will have skills boosting angel summons, like ainz having skills boosting undead.

So basically what im saying the Dominion Authority holy smite, will have a strength on par with super magic or maybe beyond.
11/29/2023 c105 Small italian boy
Always enjoy the extra details of world building of the Draconic Kingdom and the other players, so much so that you always let me crave for more.

Cerabrate got an okay ending, all things considered, and is nice the way he was handled for all the fic. Writing someone with 'certain preferences' is not easy task, as there is the risk to make someone with 'such interests' just a one-dimensional joke or a sandbag for the main-characters, stripping them of every agenda. Drau couldn't have found a better way to resolve the situation and, hopefully, she can finally close that page of her existence and focus on the new chapter of her life.
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