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for winter king

7/1/2022 c1 borja.daconcepcion
I recommend a couple of actions to be different from other Fanfic

1 Do not forget that there are at least 300 giants and 200-50 mammoths alive in the book.

2 Free men Perhaps 20,000 will follow him into battle both men and women.

3 Dark Sister, probably in Maester Aemon's room who gave Claw to Lady Mormot.

4 Let Stannis clash first with the Boltons like Sansa and the Vale did with Jon.

5 This Jon is more ruthless in the book he saw that his family went through a lot of shit, so a wolf who spends everything like Fenrir will be ruthless. We don't want the Jon friend of all even if there is a much bigger enemy north of wall. I mean a Jon decides.

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