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for Valkyrie Potter: Falling Ashes

6/7 c33 4Monster King
Dane just as it was doing amazingly well I was really enjoying the story too
5/19 c33 Jostanos
Apology accepted, BK.
Thank you for the heads up, we appreciate it. *warm grin*

Valkyrie Potter: Falling Ashes (version 1) was a joy to read and review, BK, and it was also an enjoyable wild ride. Thank you. *warm grin*
5/19 c33 AnimeFanAttic
are you gonna continue the toy makers daughter series ive enjoying that series and bout to start the 3rd book
5/9 c33 Guest
im sorry to hear about the rewrite but if that is the way it has to be then I hope you keep the old story up as well. good luck with your issues IRL
5/8 c33 Guest
Hope you feel better soon. I love your stories.

5/10 c33 Biowind
That is 100% okay, do what you need to do, also if you can, could you post on ao3, as no emails come through Fanfic anymore.
5/9 c33 2RaisingHeartSetUp
While I am disappointed that this isn't a new chapter, I look forward to the rewrite. Do yo have any plans to post to AO3? With the alert issues it will be somewhat easy to miss.
5/9 c33 13ZaneT69
Will it be under a new story or rewritten on this one?
5/8 c33 kevin.levine2
Do what you have got to do. We will be here.
5/8 c33 gerran214
I hope everything works itself out for you
5/8 c33 Rake1810
You do you and take care of yourself!

My 2 comments would be please post here when your rewrite goes up because with the alert issues it'd be real easy to miss your new story. And related to that, any thoughts of AO3 postings of the whole story for that reason, not just one shots?
5/8 c33 1syft3land
While I am a bit dissapointed this wasn't a new chapter, that is more than made up for by you simply posting an update at all. Not having heard anything since february(?) I was beginning to worry something might have happened. While I can't say I understand why you have chosen to rewrite, I know that you probably have your reasons and are under no obligation to explain yourself. Warm wishes from Norway.
5/8 c33 Envy of Night
its all good hope everything goes well and I'll be eagerly waiting for the new posts
5/8 c33 DreamCreature
You have given us great stories since you started posting here. The least we owe is our thanks, understanding, and best wishes for the future. Looking forward to more!
5/8 c33 frankieu
thx for giving a heads up
when you do start with the rewrite plz start a new story as one cant review chapters again
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