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for Valkyrie Potter: Falling Ashes

5/11/2023 c15 BioHazard82
Another great chapter.
5/9/2023 c15 Gracie15Trowa
Yay love it so awesome.
5/8/2023 c15 SHAE H
I would love to see vali keep at least one of the eevee’s maybe turn it into the fairy type to keep Lance on his toes
5/8/2023 c15 Jostanos
There is so much to say that I can not write it all let alone remember what it all is.
What? My mind is going as fast as the fastest Pokémon at top speed. I can't transfer all those wonderful ideas here for they go by too quickly for me to type!

*anime sighs* Such is the blessing and curse of a manic mind.

Anyway... Please continue when you may. :)
5/7/2023 c15 13yukicrewger2
let me guess, drawing on the manga for inspiration? Because with how you set Surge, Koga and Sabrina, I doubt they can become Rocket admins. So the Rockets might be looking elsewhere, and were trying to recruit Brock's Dad...

Also, with Brock's dad being arrested, He won't be able to retake the gym, meaning I don't think Brock will be joining them on their journey. Might want to set up an approved helper to help Brock out with his siblings, and to ease Brock out of his parentification
5/7/2023 c15 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
interesting development with flint
4/26/2023 c14 saku hyuuga
I'm a fan of this story but a bad one jajaja I only found out this sequel. And that because I stumbled across the sidestories in Ao3.

Thank you so much for This story! Even if I barely slept last night and was quite useless at my job today
4/26/2023 c14 Jostanos
*chuckles warmly* BK, you never cease to amaze me. Thank you.

Those two _FINALLY_ got through their sort-a thick skulls that they like/love Vali, and that they should actually confess soon rather than continue to wait as they have.
Steven has also found out that Cynthia _HAS_ had, and sort-a still does, have a relationship with Vali, and that she wouldn't mind being in a 'threesome' with both himself, and Vali.

Hmm... I wonder.. May she be.. Nah. Besides.. I don't think that Lance would like that at all. :P


Anyway... Flint and Lola are getting what they deserve.
Ash and Gary are training their Pokémon for not only thier respective Gym Battles, but also for any future encounters with Team Rocket!

Well.. the major group anyway like the ones that attacked the museum.

Jesse, James, and Meowth.. If I remember correctly, are essentially 'covert ops' being 'comic relief and 'training' for Ash and Gary whilst helping Vali and her 'crew' keep an eye on things.

Or have I gotten something wrong here? I have a feeling that I may have made an error with the above, but I am not sure.
BK, please verify either way. Thank you. :)
4/24/2023 c14 A
thanks for the chapter! ngl, i'm into this champion harem. vali/lance? hell yeah! vali/steven? yes please! vali/cynthia? fuck yeah! or if you decide to go for one person, i'd be down for any cause your relationship development is top tier. lowkey really sad that regional differences/schedules are holding vali/cynthia back, hopefully they can work it out somehow?

Either way, looking forward to seeing what comes next!
4/25/2023 c14 BioHazard82
Another good chapter.
4/24/2023 c14 pupstarstar
I still hold hope for Steven and Lance.
4/24/2023 c14 saxlov
thanks for another chapter!

I really like the idea of Vali quitting as an elite! I liked the story pieces when she worked as a photographer.
I really enjoy reading the everyday stuff one would expect of a relatively normal pokemon journey. Like you did with the first part of the series. So no need to come up with an large plot /rocket thing ;)

Your work with Vali is probably my favorite pokemon fanfiction :)
4/24/2023 c14 cowchoas
i vote for valkyrie to be with steven and cynthia,
but if it can only be one then i choose Cynthia cause she is in charge of my favor region in pokemon, steven has my 2nd favor region
4/24/2023 c14 4The Viking Stranger
Mawile isn't mean because you can't hear their thoughts. Holy Mew! looks like we might be getting that fatal four way after all. And let's face it, Vali can have it all... Though someone has to mention that to her. She's quite dense as a Cosmog. The suspense is killing me here.
4/24/2023 c14 vxgt
Ohhh, Vali with a Harem! *praying* love this Chapter, Poor Vali she truly Struggling with Weight of Everything.
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