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for Valkyrie Potter: Falling Ashes

5/8 c33 LilSqueaks
Life happens, and I hope everything is alright. I am probably an odd one but I love rewrites! Originals are great but i also love the "what if" of different ideas and paths.

Look forward to reading whatever you come up with!
5/8 c33 Inumiru
Do what ya gotta do. Lifefanfiction. Still gonna be here to read your story when ha get around to it.
5/8 c33 Reaper1990
Hope all is well soon, in the rewrite please please please give vali chimchar she seriously needs that pokemon powerhouse.
4/10 c32 Guest
this is beyond fucking boring
3/5 c1 Geek-God of Speed
What pokemon does vali have?! Sure the names are cool but the “making the battles confusing” isnt really a good idea because readers wont be able to keep track of who’s who in the gaps before a new chapter is posted
2/2 c32 Diakron
congratz! Im happy to hear the news. Let me know your nomme de plume when you can.
2/2 c32 4OFARiolu
God why do i feel like the “runt” is really a king gene Charizard with how much your saying it…
2/2 c32 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
2/2 c32 Jostanos
Ash is not completely out of the woods yet. He is still recovering from his faux pas(?), and won't able to train with his Aura anytime soon.

May he receive the runt Charmander? Only time, tide, and Vali may tell. ;)

Please continue when you may, BK. *warm grin*
2/2 c32 BioHazard82
Another good one.
2/2 c32 2ShadowWolf223
Oh no. I know those three mean well, in trying to get Vali to relax, but…Oof.

S.S Ann cruise is a bad idea Surge…And likely lead to a rampaging H. Arcanine tearing across the ship if any of the kids are hurt.

Poor Vali. She just can’t seem to catch a break, let alone enough breathing room.
2/1 c32 AyameKitsune
Epic! I can’t wait to see what happens next!
1/21 c14 Reaper1990
You don't need to be an elite 4 member to be effective your already at that level anyways id focus on training your pokemon to the highest level possible and help where you can, not focusing on bs politics.
1/20 c4 Reaper1990
Chapter one still has the ages set at ten.
1/2 c19 Guest
I get Ash gets worried buy hr should've just stayed asleep lol.

And avaliable should've told them something came up, lack of communication and dunbass kids who are too curious for their own good.
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