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5/22 c20 1GodricGryffindor87
This fanfic is great! I can't wait to find out what happends in the next chapter please update soon!
5/10 c20 MattBlack
Love your story so far...xD
5/4 c20 aesir21
Wow well now we know what happens to magicals. Power of religion fanatics is absolute
5/4 c20 ElementalMaster16
Awesome story! I am enjoying reading this a lot.
5/3 c20 DaV1nc136
This was a great FanFiction thus far.
Keep it going!
5/3 c10 DaV1nc136
Okay. After reading the first few chapters of this story for the last two days till now, I can happily say:
Keep this going!
4/25 c20 Rio47
Great chapter mate.
4/23 c19 Fallow59
xxxxX Kudos Xxxxx : )
4/24 c20 flying ducks101
oh no the church is gonna expose the wizarding world not good.
4/24 c20 odonnellzoo99
I still don't like Dr. Gim. Can you Silencio a specific person on the the other end a conference call?
Good chapter
4/23 c20 Hank1967
Excellent chapter! Love all of the different things going on. Glad to see Harry and Lex getting on so well. Enjoyed seeing you bring all of the magical creatures into the mix. That's really gonna keep Harry and Muldoon busy... Looking forward to seeing what you do with that! The developments with Father Reginald are really interesting, too. Looks like they are going to be some great bad guys. Can't wait to see what you do with them! Update soon please!
4/23 c20 9zugrian
If this story continues far enough, I can hardly even imagine what it will look like when Magic becomes public knowledge, and the fact that the Catholics have been slaughtering people for centuries... SMFH.

This chapter feels like it's setting up a lot of bag things to come.
4/23 c20 4Garnetio Solozari
It sucks when you realize that a group like this antagonistic Order you’ve created could actually be a thing in real life. Make my inner Catholic cringe.
4/23 c20 AnimeFan13579
Gee magical creatures are starting to appear and be discovered by muggles. I can only imagine how the public would take something like that occuring. The dangerous ones would definitely cause panic but the cuter and more docile ones would get people wondering what's evil about them if the church declared them so. After all there is a lot of non magical animals that look terrifying as well. In fact you could even say some of the animals people know are related to magical ones. I'm looking at the platypus on this it's such an oddity bring related to magical creatures makes sense.

Of course on the looking into cures for diseases there is probably some things wizards had found cures for but couldn't assist muggles because magic was involved in it's creation. Then there was also the diseases that were exclusive to magical. All need as an example is Skelegro being able to regrow the bones in someone's arm from nothing within 24 hours it seems. Being able to heal injuries within moments compared to days or weeks of recovery. If they were forced public can bet they could potentially get protection from the church simply because of the medical miracles they know of with magic. The fact that the churches stance on it is that all facets of magic is evil and the only reason to use it is because it's more effective at getting rid of itself.

On the note of their tools it would be rather amusing if the effects they cause with their chants are nothing more than regular wizard spells with a longer casting time. Basically being that someone had deliberately went through the Arithmancy to adjust the verbal and physical commands of a spell. I would also imagine it's uses are probably considered more broad in effect requiring more effort for lesser results to what wanted. By this I means it's established that wizards were making spells do one specific thing as well as general purpose ones. By that I would imagine the more specified the effect the stronger and easier it is to cast. Part of controlling magic has to do with emotions and wanting it to happen. Getting a spell to do a specific thing narrows your focus. It's also part of what makes the wandless and silent casting work. Wandless is basically the accidental magic at first then when refined your control you could do specific effects at will. Best way to imagine it is like painting with brushes. In order to get specific spells you have to paint within narrow lines. The easiest is with a wand and verbally equating to using a very small paint brush. As you remove stuff like silently casting you basically move up to using a bigger brush to paint. Some spells are more forgiving and have bigger gaps to work with while others are narrower. The more complex and refined the spell is the narrower the gap to paint between. Even if could cast silently you could imagine it as there being more strength to a spell the more in the lines you are. And as you remove stuff you get smudges outside of it reducing the power. The accidental magic can pull off what looks like specific spells but is more based on wanting an effect to happen bad enough. Some details of the effects could be done entirely at random a color change occuring without specifying what color it will become. There would also be the matter of wasted magic put into the effect. Basically throw enough energy at the desire and hope it sticks
4/23 c20 BioHazard82
Another good chapter.
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