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9/9 c8 sue1zide
I’m a Shazam user and this made me feel old. Lol! Is there anything else that you use? I’m curious.
8/22 c47 4hsty
I guess that now that I read everything I have the right to say: this subject is not my cup of tea, I had to take several breaks as sometimes it was too much. I hate the idea of everything that happened since the beginning. But I loved the way you wrote the story, sometimes too raw, but always with quality. I loved your characters! It was like a fresh air to see how you included other characters, beyond those that we already learned to hate. Thank you so much for it
8/18 c47 Monnie Mcintosh
What an emotional roller coaster. I loved every bit of it. You are soooo talented. Thank you️️️️️️
7/8 c47 CynMar Rom
Big, big awwww.
The last chapters of fluff made up for a lot of the angst of this read.
I'm not a very judgy person, or I try not to, most of the time, and this didn't seem like a place to be judgy. It's painful and gritty and real, and yeah, sometimes people settle for less than they deserve until they find a reason to not settle. This Bella hit close to my heart because that's exactly how I felt in my marriage, an afterthought, something to be controlled but not considered. I didn't find a person to make me feel like I didn't deserve that, but becoming a mother gave me the strength to not settle, not teach my daughter that this is an acceptable way to be "loved".
It was beautiful, it was real, and it was lovely.
Thanks for sharing!
5/18 c1 foxyfanatic
* this is a good read.

they should divorce them first before getting with each other. since in the end they're going to end up being divorced anyway. rather being a cheater. i don't get that.
5/18 c1 foxyfanatic
this i good read. but I'm no for cheaters. i always believe that relationships that started in cheating will never be happy and i also hate people who tolerate cheating they're the worst. and like they always said, what goes around must come around.
5/16 c47 Fic443
Edward should have kept his mouth shut and broken up with his wife before pursuing Bella.
They both made horrible choices in this book that led to others being hurt.

Jared at least tried to make the marriage work... Bella has no excuse for what she did. She should have been honest with him.

You captured the initial attraction really well. The teasing the flirting was all great. Then they let shit hit the fan... you captured that really well too. Good writing.

Shame the main characters got the ending they wanted not what they deserved.
5/13 c34 Just Sus
This is heartbreaking! OMG! I'm hoping this is not Edward's baby. I thought she was a cheater early on...
5/13 c43 Guest
This chapter is bold
5/13 c36 Guest
Finally Bella was brave.

Now I am proud of her. Better honest
5/13 c35 Guest
Bella is so selfish! Rip the bandaid!
You re only hurting Jared more.

At least we knew Edeard was going to do it. Doesnt matter what stage their marriage is in. She doesnt love Jared.
5/13 c33 Guest
Fucking hell author. You know how to pile it on. Seriously dont think that is Edwards baby.
5/13 c22 Guest
Jesus woman, break up with Jared
5/13 c21 Guest
Bella is the queen of fools.
Edward is a jerk!
At least divorce your wife first! Its unfair that thry choose to cheat which would ultimately hurt everyone more
5/13 c18 Guest
Fight for her you wad. She already effed up her marriage for you
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