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6/27 c1 daliaguerrero96
Hello, I want to reread “In Another Life” where can I get it? I loved that fanfic and the chapters are not published
1/6 c1 Trickster22084
Are you removing your stories?
12/17/2023 c1 edwardfan111
Any chance to get an pdf of this story. It’s an absolute favourite and I’m not on Facebook so not able to access that way? Thanks for any help!
12/14/2023 c1 3reading.wth.monal
What happened to the other chapters? This is one of my favourite fanfiction to read. Are you reposting them or something? I hope you post the rest of the chapters soon.
12/12/2023 c1 zopia
I love this story so much! Are you okay? Im crying in here, Meg
12/12/2023 c1 miranda04
Oh, geez. I was just getting started on this story and it looks like you've taken it down (and a bunch? all? others).

What's happening with your stories. WIsh you'd say something in your bio or in these first chapters you've left up.
12/12/2023 c1 Oaklandblackouts
I absolutely love this storyI'm confused though, are you editing and reposting everything?
11/13/2023 c47 Rose1816
I absolutely love this story!
10/23/2023 c18 EskiPop
Gaaahhh. They both should be divorced. Edward doesnt love his wife and has feelings for the woman next door.

And Bella has been emotionally cheating for a while now. They are both emotionally invested. They should have started divorce procedings by now.

I would have preferred they didnt have affairs. Though they have great chemistry
10/14/2023 c47 Dollybigmomma
Well done. I don't condone cheating, and I believe they should have gotten their divoces first, but unless you've wasted years being abused by a narcissist by being belittled, neglected, deceived, betrayed, financially drained, minimalized, rejected, ignored, gaslighted, and even physically harmed, you really can't appreciate the nuances of this story. Gianna and Jared are both ABUSERS who damaged their spouses and children in ways that are reprehensible. I should know, I've been there and suffered that myself for 35 years. Glad you wrote B/E as strong enough to save themselves and their sons.
10/7/2023 c47 Iersseltje
What a great story. I love how you wrote about their struggeling feelings. Thank you for sharing.
10/5/2023 c47 1Colleen Alize
This is actually my 2nd time reading this fic. I LOVE the way you described how they fell for each other and how they shared it with each other. I never thought I'd like this type of story, but I absolutely loved it. Thank you for sharing
9/9/2023 c8 sue1zide
I’m a Shazam user and this made me feel old. Lol! Is there anything else that you use? I’m curious.
8/22/2023 c47 4hsty
I guess that now that I read everything I have the right to say: this subject is not my cup of tea, I had to take several breaks as sometimes it was too much. I hate the idea of everything that happened since the beginning. But I loved the way you wrote the story, sometimes too raw, but always with quality. I loved your characters! It was like a fresh air to see how you included other characters, beyond those that we already learned to hate. Thank you so much for it
8/18/2023 c47 Monnie Mcintosh
What an emotional roller coaster. I loved every bit of it. You are soooo talented. Thank you️️️️️️
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