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1/10 c5 SoCalTwiNurse
1/10 c4 SoCalTwiNurse
Omgggggggg I rarely review bc I read on my kindle but I HAD to jump in here & say giiiiiiirrrrrrrrl I’m reading every sentence with my eyes wide & hand covering my mouth to prevent me from completely screaming out! Omg as usual, you are a freaking genius at writing. K…gonna continue on lol
1/8 c47 Evewwal
This is such a loving story!Can’t wait to read another
1/5 c47 NickChick22
This one tore me apart and lifted me back up so many times, and I couldn’t put it down (about like Bella with Edward’s book!). So glad I dug through your completed stories and chose this one, and I can’t wait to dive into another! Always, happy writing!:)
1/3 c38 JustARead
1/3 c37 JustARead
Dang. I mean, Jared’s wrath is justified but he has no chill.
1/3 c34 JustARead
Ok, but…B still has to explain why she was with him when he got the call & hope no one sees those pics they took
1/3 c33 JustARead
Oh gosh, a baby?! Is it his? She was drinking, did she even know?
1/3 c32 JustARead
1/3 c29 JustARead
Whew, I’m kinda glad they know
1/3 c28 JustARead
Too much!
1/3 c24 JustARead
Ugh, are they gonna get caught or just spill themselves?
1/3 c47 ClaceLover08
i love this story it is awesome and I love this series :) & i am happy that Bella & Edward Are Married & i am happy that Bella & Edward have Two Beautiful kids and baby girl on the way :)
1/3 c23 JustARead
it's official now
1/3 c21 JustARead
oh boy
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