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1/3/2023 c4 JustARead
Oh boy ;/
1/3/2023 c3 JustARead
1/3/2023 c1 JustARead
1/3/2023 c1 lorilamz
Wow! Absolutely loved this story! I didn’t want it to end!
Thank you for writing this fantastic story!
1/3/2023 c47 Pianogirl05
Beautiful story!
12/31/2022 c47 Guest
What happened to Afterglow? Is it going to be re-posted? I know you were going on hiatus but I hadn’t had a chance to read the last chapter you posted and I was so excited for it!
12/29/2022 c47 Guest
What happened to afterglow? It says story not found!
12/31/2022 c47 TwiFanfictionRecs
Congratulations! In Another Life has been voted the No. 1 fic completed in November by visitors of www . twifanfictionrecs . com
12/23/2022 c47 atouchofcitron
i loved this so much. i love that you tried to infuse as much of reality as possible given their circumstances. their unwavering love made it all worth it. people who choose pass on this or stop reading are doing themselves a huge disservice on your writing. thank you so much for this story!
12/21/2022 c21 atouchofcitron
i just. i love this. everything, the buildup, the perspectives, the outside suspicions, and the affection with these two. there's real heart in the story and the sympathy that you can't help but have for these two. real life is messy and difficult, and you only have one life to live to be *truly* happy.
12/19/2022 c47 NeeNee246
I absolutely love this story! ;)
12/19/2022 c47 HappyEndingLover
Wonderful story!
12/18/2022 c47 boopgirl
Loved it
12/18/2022 c6 DICATAKADD
Oh boy…two great chapters back to back.
12/18/2022 c4 DICATAKADD
I’m reading now this one is complete. I love Bella’s inner dialogue so much.
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