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5/13 c35 Guest
Bella is so selfish! Rip the bandaid!
You re only hurting Jared more.

At least we knew Edeard was going to do it. Doesnt matter what stage their marriage is in. She doesnt love Jared.
5/13 c33 Guest
Fucking hell author. You know how to pile it on. Seriously dont think that is Edwards baby.
5/13 c22 Guest
Jesus woman, break up with Jared
5/13 c21 Guest
Bella is the queen of fools.
Edward is a jerk!
At least divorce your wife first! Its unfair that thry choose to cheat which would ultimately hurt everyone more
5/13 c18 Guest
Fight for her you wad. She already effed up her marriage for you
5/13 c17 Guest
Dude Bella is a jerk. Shouldnt have dine those drugs.
Edward too.
5/13 c16 Guest
Idiots both of them!
5/13 c15 Guest
Bad decision after bad decision.
Their first kiss was drug induced.
5/13 c13 Guest
They ve already ruined everything
5/13 c11 Guest
You re dating him! Stooooooppppp

I gotta keep reading. It hurts so good
5/13 c10 Guest
Fyi Bella, you are fucking around with him. Doesnt mean you need to have sex. Flirting and emotional cheating is going on.
And I need to read more damn it. Why is this so intense
5/13 c8 Just Sus
They are really playing with fire here! These texts and banter are NOT innocent! How long til they just give in and "do it?" They are going to ruin a lot of lives. is Gianna already cheating? She seems like cold fish and not that sensitive to her husband! Bella and Jared seem like a marriage of convenience!
4/22 c47 Guest
I LOVED this story. There were a lot of twists and turns but it was realistic. I couldn’t stop reading. I finished it in two days.

Thank you for sharing with us!
4/21 c16 Guest
I’m so loving this story. I just found it today but haven’t been able to put it down!
3/31 c1 natbely3095
Simplemente no quería que termine. No podía parar de leer. Sigue así, soy tu fan
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