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11/25/2022 c47 julypetunia
this futuretake was adorable. so beautiful the way everything was wrapped up with a nice little bow with their baby girl on the way.
ever considered writing a futuretake for Shiver?... I'm not above begging...
11/25/2022 c47 Gaby-wotnow
Aww I love them! So happy everybody gets the life they deserves. Thank you!
11/25/2022 c47 twilightobsesser2
I’m not crying you are
11/25/2022 c47 biblepam
thanks muchly for the update!
11/25/2022 c47 JentheBaker
Perfect. Absolutely perfect! Thank you so much for taking us on this ride!
11/25/2022 c47 Moltz
It has taken Jared an extraordinary amount of time to figure out that he treated Bella like a low level employee that garnered zero benefits from the job.
Rebecca seems to be the missing connection to his interpersonal skills problem. He is much more aware of the lack of involvement as a husband and father. At least he is trying where Gianna is hard pressed to find the time or even interest to be with her son.
Maybe Gianna should consider giving up her parental rights so Bella can adopt Seth.

Please share more of their future as an expanding blended family.
Thank you.
11/25/2022 c47 7DawnBreaker8
I love it! They got their happily ever after! Of course Gianna is still a piece of shit lol glad Jared is getting better.
11/25/2022 c47 lillianolivia.white
This was so sweet, and it made me cry. I was sad for Seth, but he will be ok because Bella will love him as if she gave birth to him. And I’m glad that Jared wants more time with Mikey, and that he has found someone. Maybe he can change himself to be more hands on with Mikey. I really liked Rebecca too. Gianna was same old self centered B. Im surprised at Renee. And Edward is the sweetest. I loved the chapter.
11/25/2022 c47 Ana83114
Ok I was ready to say goodbye after the epilogue, because you gave us a lot of closure there. But now with this future take all I want is a sequel! And now I demand you also post your new story. You can’t tease us like that!

All kidding aside, I am thankful for you and for the glimpses into their hard earned future. This is going down as one of my fav Meg stories.
11/25/2022 c47 Annie Butts
Okay. I messed up my review. I meant to yell at you so now I have to sign in as a guest to do it.
YOU CAN NOT WRITE ANOTHER STORY AND NOT SHARE. That’s the meanest thing you’ve ever said. Hearts to you always and hope you had a great turkey day
11/25/2022 c47 Guest
Meg, thanks a million for your amazing story! Always a treat to read your words. Maybe we can get a futuretake?

Please post the story!
11/25/2022 c47 Guest
Love this! Wish we saw sllllightly more into the future to see how the Gianna thing plays out and the relationship with Renee, but overall love.
11/25/2022 c47 7TeamAllTwilight
I truly loved this story. Thank you so much for sharing it with us all! You ROCK!
11/25/2022 c47 19DazzlinSparkle05
Loved this!
11/25/2022 c47 alli62
I loved this story. Life is messy. But love can do wondrous things. Thank you for sharing this story with us. It is beautiful.
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