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3/31 c47 1Swanderful
an outstanding story! I laughed, I cried, I read it way to quickly!
3/30 c47 rebecca's mom
Aww...loved the ending. Thank you again for another amazing story. XO
3/15 c47 Ivy Pattinson
My goodness woman, thank you. Thank so much so giving them what they all deserved! Thank you for sharing your words with us. PS. Next time just make sure he's my neighborhaha. Until next time!
3/15 c46 Ivy Pattinson
*sigh* One day. Their one day made me so happy because I know the rest of their days will be like this.
3/15 c45 Ivy Pattinson
"In every life. sigh* I want him in every life too.
3/15 c44 Ivy Pattinson
I loved everything about this chapter!
3/15 c43 Ivy Pattinson
Things are looking up for Edward now it's Bella's turn!
3/15 c42 Ivy Pattinson
He's such an asshole! I'm glad Bella has people in her corner.
3/15 c42 Ivy Pattinson
What a fucking prick.
3/15 c41 Ivy Pattinson
Ok, Jared can go fuck himself now. WTF. He's being such an asshole! I mean I get what she did was fucked up but seriously?!
3/15 c40 Ivy Pattinson
My heart breaks for Jared. I just keep thinking she told him so many times and he never listened. She told him and he couldn't hear what she was saying. The years she stayed with him, that was her trying to make it work, he just doesn't see like that now.
3/15 c39 Ivy Pattinson
"I love you so fucking much. sigh* My heart is feeling better with the rollercoaster of emotions you've put me through haha
3/15 c38 Ivy Pattinson
"You loved the person you wanted me to be." ONE HUNDRED PERCENT!
3/15 c37 Ivy Pattinson
I can't even put all my thoughts together. FUCK.
3/15 c36 Ivy Pattinson
Ugh the amount of tears I've shed for this whole fucked up mess! I blame you whole heartedly.
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