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7/7/2022 c2 Kate1386
I think I know what his incentive to buy was
7/7/2022 c2 ShawtyAlice
Sooo, his book is clearly about them.. oh, I hate that his wife pays zero attention to him, his work and maybe even kids.. He deserves better! It seems like he started to feel something towards Bella a long ago, and maybe he wants to get her to know about he’s feeling through his book. Thank you! Can’t wait for more!
7/7/2022 c2 slpmom
So trouble in paradise with these couples.
7/7/2022 c2 MoJo40 - Ffaddward
At lot of tension in this chapter. Sooo 2016 huh, God I wish it’s connected to Edward meeting Bella or something.

My thoughts about Jared might be a bit colored from wanting B&E together. But it irritates me when one parent so obviously shoves the responsibility for the kid over on the other parent. He’s busy with super important stuff so she has to solve their problem. Even though he’s the one causing the issue. Having another kid won’t affect his days all that much, just shove the “problem” on someone else.

Great chapter Meg
7/7/2022 c2 acw1
7/7/2022 c2 ChristyWIX
Gianna seems friendly enough towards Bella and Jared both. She seems terribly unsupportive towards Edward and his writing, which is sad. I couldn’t imagine not being supported by my husband. Jared is quite self important. He was eventually affectionate towards Bella, well after he got home and had a few drinks though. I understand if he’s got pressure at work but, he shouldn’t push his family to beyond the back burner. Being so dismissive of her career and not willing to budge on her needing him to be with Mikey so she could show houses was not cool. Affection aside, I’m thinking there is a co-worker holding more interest for him then his own family these days. Those long hours could mean something else entirely.
7/7/2022 c2 Sperssons
Loooooove love love love love LOVE LOOOVE love looveeeeee IT! Can’t wait for more!
7/7/2022 c2 piccolini.cuscino
The cracks are showing! I’m so invested in how this all plays out. The feelings are there (even if Bella doesn’t know it) but I don’t take them to be people who will so quickly through their marriages away and I’m glad, but man they gel so well together!
7/7/2022 c1 Marymary123
here we go..
7/7/2022 c2 3russianred
I loved the intro of the respective partners (uh is that the right way to say it?) and already we see a contrast in the way they interact vs the way e/b do with eachother.

Clearly there’s obvious strain in Gianna and Edwards marriage (as if she didn’t know the name of his book!) but I feel like you are hinting at a similar thing with Bella and Jared too (he’s a bit me me me and he’s dismissive of her, ugh).

The wellness mama mention made me snort, feeeling a bit sensitive B?
7/7/2022 c2 vickigoesroar
Okay calling it, he’s in love with her! Fun read :)
7/7/2022 c2 4Halo221
Yeah, I'm so not a fan of Jared. I don't do autocratic and dismissive. Gianna seems to have some issues as well. I think the time traveler is gonna stay with Lola ;)
7/7/2022 c2 mia
ugh, same bella. i HATE that he finds the hippie mom hot. i hate that he even remembers her IG handle. UGH, lol.

jared is kinda sus ... avoiding eye contact the moment he enters the door, working on the weekends ... hmm.
7/7/2022 c2 4everywheresky
Ooh this is gonna be good!
7/7/2022 c2 Mom23xx
Interesting…we can see where Edward is telling his story. What’s up with Jared…already don’t like him.
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