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7/5/2022 c1 EdwardsVampTramp
"How very caveman of you."
Loving it so far.
Neighbors huh?
I smell trouble...
7/5/2022 c1 they call me red
The only stay at home dad I knew when my kids were little was a hippie. I could have used Edward.
7/5/2022 c1 3russianred
I just LOVE your character voices it’s such a consistent thing in your writing that each of your characters sound different, which makes it so easy to follow. I say this because Mikey was SO clear and adorable to read.

I love this Bella already, she feels different to FTGU Bella and a similar thing can be said for Edward.

I know people find cheat fic a bit WELP, but I’m so excited for what you are going to do with this.
7/5/2022 c1 Nicoconsd
So typically I don't read cheat fics, or fics with kids... but you're the one writing it so therefore I read it :). I happen to have two friends who's mom cheated with the neighbor and both are still married to them 30 years later so maybe there is something to that... :)
7/5/2022 c1 prettymomma128
I'm really looking forward to this story. Great chapter!
7/5/2022 c1 Team66fan
Exciting! I can't wait to read more soon
7/5/2022 c1 That Brown Eyed Girl
Yes! Excited for a new story.
7/5/2022 c1 alli62
7/5/2022 c1 NeeNee246
I'm here! I am excited for more! I don't usually like the cheater fics but B & E together I don't seem to mind! ;)
7/5/2022 c1 20Sukiethree
I’ve loved everything you’ve written so no doubts this will be good
I’m happy as long as they cheat with each other not on each other
(Hides behind hands at double standard)
Nice to see different partners for each and excited to see where this goes
7/5/2022 c1 Rob's Zombie
Omg! LOVE ️
7/5/2022 c1 girlygirl0706



I saw the announcement and read the sneak peak of this fic over at the TLS and I said to myself I will not start reading this right now, I will not start reading this right now. It's a WIP. Do not read it right now. But do you know what I did...I came over here and fucking read it lol.

I couldn't help myself.

Now I have to suffer waiting for these updates and to top it off you stated cheat fic and angst...oh lawd it's going to be pure torture.

Thanks for the 1st of many amazing chapters to come. Can't wait for your next update.
7/5/2022 c1 helenemc
Great beginning. Temptation right next door!
7/5/2022 c1 AnakinSmom
Very convenient! Can't wait to see where this goes.
7/5/2022 c1 Guest
Oh, yeah. This definitely is gonna be good.
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