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7/5/2022 c1 GorGirl
Right next door! I bet she'll love his novel.
7/5/2022 c1 Emulation91
Yessssss! So happy to see you back with another story so soon. And maybe I’m sick too but I’ll be honest, I enjoy a good cheating story from time to time. So I’m alllllll in on this one. Thanks for posting! Can’t wait for more.
7/5/2022 c1 teacher1209
This is going to be so good, I can tell already!
7/5/2022 c1 20Maplestyle
I am so fucking excited for this!
7/5/2022 c1 30Rebadams7
Things work if both parties want them to, if not…
7/5/2022 c1 GetOffMyChick
Been waiting for this to drop, let’s goooooo!
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