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3/14/2023 c11 Ivy Pattinson
"I wish I met you first, too. cries*
3/14/2023 c10 Ivy Pattinson
Well at least she can say he put those thoughts there? LOL
3/14/2023 c9 Ivy Pattinson
Damn. Can I meet him somewhere too?
3/14/2023 c8 Ivy Pattinson
Glad she didn't send that picture! Let him suffer a little
3/14/2023 c7 Ivy Pattinson
I see they like to play dangerous games. I mean who can blame her? Edward can be honest with me too lol
3/14/2023 c6 Ivy Pattinson
This is not a good idea but I WANT IT TO BE!
3/14/2023 c5 Ivy Pattinson
Well Jared set himself up for that one haha
3/14/2023 c4 Ivy Pattinson
This man is definitely dangerous for us. Stay away. I repeat, STAY AWAY!
3/14/2023 c3 Ivy Pattinson
The tension. I can feel it!
3/14/2023 c2 Ivy Pattinson
Neighbors, ohhh not good when you have "these feelings" lol
3/14/2023 c1 Ivy Pattinson
Well I'd rather he didn't wear anything haha. Ok, seriously I'm excited to read this!
3/13/2023 c46 14planetblue
AWWWW Truly, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this story. The realness of it really got me, that's a brave
thing to do - to write about people that "some" would have issue with. It all worked out, of course, but the road was bumpy for them (and us!) but I thoroughly enjoyed the ride.

Thank you so much for putting such time and such TALENT into your words, we are not worthy.
xoxo PB
3/13/2023 c45 planetblue
SIGH. Yup, satisfying ending in the book and here on my computer.

If I haven't told you lately, I love this story.
xoxo PB
3/9/2023 c44 planetblue
That's a good birthday!

Thank you as always for putting in the effort of entertaining us!
xoxo PB
3/9/2023 c43 planetblue
Gianna is a piece of work. Not that we didn't know that. Sigh.

Another great chap! I see the end near and just wanna hold off on reading it
so it won't be over.

That last line... swoon

xoxo PB
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