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3/9/2023 c42 14planetblue

But i'm glad she has Edward :)

Tough stuff, but you do it beautifully...all the details of what they have to do to get through this.

xoxo PB
3/9/2023 c41 planetblue
Sigh...things are looking up but the fallout is still messy.

Thank you!
xoxo PB
3/9/2023 c40 planetblue
Ouch. But I get his anger. Even if he thought it about it fully, he really doesn't want BELLA per se,
but he doesn't want her to not want him. And I'm only using caps all the time cause there is no
italics option.

Thanks for all the words that make this beautiful. I know how hard it can be sometimes.
xoxo PB
3/9/2023 c39 planetblue
Well dang, SHE feels weightless taking off the rings? I think ALL of us feel weightless that we
had this chapter!

Ugh your words, so perfect.

xoxo PB

(get out of the corner)
3/9/2023 c38 planetblue
I suspected this outcome from Gianna. Regardless, no one is correct here and everyone is wrong.

But that's ok cause it's REAL. You're writing messy things and that is life.

Much love for this one.
xoxo PB
3/9/2023 c37 planetblue
I've never been in this situation, dissolving a marriage, but man. Did this make me
really NOT want to! LOL

Dang, all the emotions and phew. Your words, were just so on point. Every argument, every insult, every
back and forth, it was all I was thinking as I read.

xoxo PB
3/9/2023 c36 planetblue
I was soooo sad I didn't go to Chicago this year, but you did meet some of my favorite people, including my beta, CarrieZM! Maybe next time!

Wow. Powerful chapter. I felt all the emotions. A little surprised that (not necessarily yet) that in the end it was BELLA that blew things apart. Edward is just doing what he has to do, but Bella broke her marriage. Didn't know that I for sure thought that was the way it was going to go.

THIS is why I don't like to be told things HAHA cause I feel so smart when I come to conclusions. Yup.

xoxo PB
3/9/2023 c35 planetblue
"But one morning can't undo the past."

Nope, Jared is trying, but he does this often when he thinks he needs to. Not because it's natural to want to do so.

My heart aches for Bella. To have to put on a happy face... exhausted thinking about it.

xoxo PB
3/9/2023 c34 planetblue


You don't deserve my xoxo but I'll give it to you anyway because the WRITING is superb.

xoxo PB
3/9/2023 c33 planetblue

Yup, you just did that.

xoxo PB
3/9/2023 c32 planetblue
Rut Roh.

I'm sure some were cheering for YAY this'll make things snappy if Gianna and Jared are in a car accident together LOL.

I like how Bella is just now starting to think about the harsh reality. I get it, wrapped up in what you think is a dream and then it starts getting real.

As always, you make my day better.
xoxo PB
3/8/2023 c30 planetblue
I'm really happy Bella had this epiphany. I was starting to question just a little bit as to how much she really wanted out, over just wanting Edward.

It's hard to face those truths sometimes but it's the only way to true clarity.

Look at me, I'm a philosopher. And you. YOU are brilliant.

xoxo PB
3/8/2023 c29 planetblue
So in the beginning, I was wondering where Edward's mind might go (like Bella's has done a few times). It must be SO HARD to know in your heart when you're with someone that it is the rightest thing in the world. But then reality comes in, and you start doubting everything. Wow. And whew, exhausting.

Really really love this chap. Had me doubting with Edward and Rose if this is really going to happen or not. Blow up
Edward's universe for... what? But then the end. He's so sure. And I want to be sure OF him.

xoxo PB
3/8/2023 c28 planetblue
Phew. Lies lies. Once you decide to tell one, you have to tell them all. She's digging holes for herself instead
of just being honest, but that's hard.

My theory #3 lives on.

xoxo PB
3/8/2023 c27 planetblue
Well obviously, OH NO SHE FELL ASLEEP

But less obviously, I can only imagine how hard these decisions are. Imagine being so in love that you feel you deserve to be so so happy (and you do, we all do) but in the process of gutting others. Like, I can't even. I'm happy I'm not in this situation, but if I were to fall in love with someone other than my husband, the pain of causing him pain would be...

I guess we'll find out how THEY will deal. Splendid, thought and emotion-provoking writing.
xoxo PB
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