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3/8/2023 c26 14planetblue
Well I think she's made some major discoveries about herself and where her head is at, and Jared sure
helped that along by being kind of a jerk this chap.

FYI: when I read and you bring up something, I'll nod or whatever. Then you bring up the opposite and I quirk my brow, turning my head, like 'Yup, could be that too'.

xoxo PB
3/8/2023 c25 planetblue
All Bella can do is really look at what she wants out of her life. Could she be happy, resigned to a life
that she made long ago? Or does her happy look like forging a new life?

Like I said, I have theories, so I have to just keep reading (oh! what a chore! - she said in a horribly sarcastic tone).

xoxo PB
3/8/2023 c24 planetblue
OK so promising to not let their spouses touch them is a pretty big declaration for both of them, one that Bella was hesitant to make in the prior chapter. Is it anger towards Jared's behavior or truly the knowing she's only Edwards' now and that's all she wants?

Interesting, and we will find out, I'm sure! RED HEART EMOJI's are being tossed around! So I'll toss one to you!
xoxo PB
3/8/2023 c23 planetblue
I love the exploration of what Bella wants, needs, and should do. It's often very different things.

Excellent, as always
xoxo PB
3/8/2023 c22 planetblue
Yeah the realization you don't feel guilty is huge. One that might make her decision on her marriage sway.

Sometimes in fic once they've gotten this far, I tend to lose a tiny bit of interest. But i'm so involved in your characters that I can't wait to see what happens next.

xoxo PB
3/8/2023 c21 planetblue
The dilemma... One person ready to end their marriage for various reasons. It's final. It's over.

But the other isn't so sure. Where to go from there? Headfirst, apparently!

xoxo PB
3/8/2023 c20 planetblue
I'm going to say it again. You write exactly what I want you to, and even surprise me when I think "oh, good point... didn't see that". Truly, it's so satisfying reading your words. You don't leave me wanting more in the way that I feel unfulfilled, you leave me wanting more because it's so good.

And I kind of like that they're at a "fighting" point before they've really gone too far (some would say they already have) but they are not just falling into lust. This is a struggle for both of them.

I do wonder what that "C" word you mentioned would look like.

xoxo PB
3/8/2023 c19 planetblue
Hmm yes right. IS Jared trying? Or is he wanting to make sure no one is encroaching on his property... and if the latter is true, doesn't it mean that he at least doesn't want to lose Bella, so that his way of trying is enough?

But based on the pissing contest... It makes me wonder if Jared just doesn't want to lose, period.

Yikes the ups and downs! Feeling so good, needy, and then plummeting into guilt and pushing.
It's a tangled web.

xoxo PB
3/7/2023 c18 planetblue
Thank you for the EPOV. Perfectly timed.

So I'm not going to make any guesses... but I've seen in these last two chapters a third way for this to end, and
I'm starting to wonder if I'm not right.

I'll share with you when it's over.

Which will be a sadder day then when Edward sees Jared across the pool.
xoxo PB
3/7/2023 c17 planetblue
You know, the guilt here is subtle. Not over the top like "omg i'm gonna die" or conversely not caring, like "eh can't wait to do it again".

It's a very fine line and you walked it beautifully.

xoxo PB
3/7/2023 c16 planetblue
I'm trying to find the words... while that was steamy hot, there was an underlying of dread in me.

Like, if you cross this line, it's over. I understand them, yet I fear for them. Fear that they aren't the good
people they should be... committed, faithful, etc. That's the beauty of your wiring. While I want them to be
together, I feel bad for that because their spouses aren't awful people.

It's conflicting.
But yeah, still steamy hot.
xoxo PB
3/7/2023 c15 planetblue
I'm glad to see Edward is being a gentleman here in the car (maybe he won't be next chap, shrugs) but
he's doing the right thing. They're both wasted, not able to really make a decision that will change their lives.

But damn. That backseat got steamy!

xoxo PB
3/7/2023 c14 planetblue
I'm sure you had tons of reviewers telling you to hurry up already, but I gotta say, the chase is usually more
fun than the catch. I'm so enjoying this dance of theirs.

When it blows up, who will come out a winner? Hmmm

xoxo PB
3/7/2023 c13 planetblue
Loved everything about this chapter.

xoxo PB
3/7/2023 c12 planetblue
Uh oh. No one thinks their behavior is obvious, but I'm like Bella's mom. I see it all, and narrow my eyes and
go UH HUH knew it.

:) Anyway, still loving, still enjoying, still reading!

xoxo PB
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