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3/7/2023 c11 14planetblue
"Is Lola based on me?" MIC DROP I called it, biotches! (Well, I"m sure I'm not the only one)

Edward is saying MANY things he probably shouldn't. But Bella is too!

And I'm SQUEEING cause they are. The confessions, the truths, the sadness lying within. Wow, just wow. And how powerful is that statement that they are getting from each other what they aren't getting in their marriages. That is undoubtably the #1 reason people cheat.

Seriously though, I am in love with all the feels this chapter. You are truly gifted and I'm honored I get to read your words. I am so so so enjoying this. The intensity, the uncertainty, the feelings, the want, the guilt. UGH I love it.

xoxo PB
3/7/2023 c10 planetblue
Jared is kinda a hypocrite, but kinda not? I mean, hey you do you in the bedroom, I pass no judgement on
whatever someone is into... but you can't (after getting mad she said his name) bring the guy you're worried about again! LOL Oh my.

Well. I have a feeling someone is going to Napa regardless.

xoxo PB
3/7/2023 c9 planetblue
OMG ok so now I'm just laying on the floor and my co-worker is definitely concerned.

GAH GAH I know I keep saying that but really, GAH.

And the bit where she tells him Gianna's lack of interest is kind of shitty? Yeah, that's a turning point... it's hard to go back when you insult or say something negative about a friend's partner, so we shall see what comes of that!

Ok... getting off the floor.
xoxo PB
3/7/2023 c8 planetblue
Ok so yeah. I did a tsk'ing sound at my desk, my eyes wide, hands on my cheeks, and my co-worker looked over like, "everything ok over there?"

NO NO IT IS NOT. You should be reading what I'm reading!

I am unable to contain all the sounds coming out of my mouth while reading. I'm glad Bella didn't send the photo...but only because I want this UST to draaaaaaaag on.

xoxo PB
3/7/2023 c7 planetblue
OK first of all, Lucky Strike actually WAS my bowling alley as a kid, and secondly, I still use Shazam... what does that say about me?

Emotional cheating IMO is worse than just physical. These two are playing with fire, admitting, flirting, getting attached - even if they never do anything (yeah, right) it's dangerous territory. Edward seems to be a little more comfortable exploring the "saying whatever you want" game than Bella is at the moment.

But of course, I'm dying to read it all!
xoxo PB
3/7/2023 c6 planetblue
Okay well I was not expecting this conversation just yet but I'm so glad it happened!
Let's see how long they hold out!
Super duper enjoying this!
xoxo PB
3/7/2023 c5 planetblue
Well... that happened.

Yowza! Jared knew... he goaded her into thinking about Edward, knows she is, then gets mad
when she says his name! Oh this just gets more and more intriguing!

xoxo PB
3/7/2023 c4 planetblue
ohmigosh I do love me some UST. So this is perfect!

xoxo PB
3/7/2023 c3 planetblue
GAH I really am a huge fan of your writing.
Thank you for sharing your gift!
xoxo PB
3/7/2023 c2 planetblue
Loving. I appreciate the skill it takes to show the nuances of characters (and their flaws) without beating the
reader over the head with it. And your pacing is great.

On to the next! (thanks to my boss for being on vacation this week so I can goof off)
xoxo PB
3/7/2023 c1 planetblue
Um yeah so Ok. I'm all IN!

I should be writing... but I don't feel like it.

Woot! Looking forward to devouring this!
xoxo PB
2/21/2023 c47 sosueme
Nice wrap up, loved the ending! Sad it ending tho! Iknow some peeps bailed on this fic for the cheating subject, and obviously they didn't go about well, but I love looking closely into the feelings that go into making a mess and taking responsibility. I'd say your characters showed more grace than some on thr other side of the moral compass. Just look at Jared - he didn't cheat, but he had some very terrible attributes. Thanks for sharing your talent, always a pleasure to read your words.
2/20/2023 c21 bemythrill
I can’t even tell you how much I love this story and all the Folklore references. Also, this Edward physically hurts me.
2/19/2023 c40 sosueme
Renee does not love her daughter, she sure loves Jared tho - blek.
Jared has anger issues and violent tendencies. No thanks. He feels coniving and emotinally shallow. Boo hoo. Great chapter showing those two. Way to be strong Bella and take responsibility.
2/19/2023 c39 sosueme
Good chapter, tied up a lot of loose ends.
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