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for Harry Potter Beneath Perfection

2/27 c3 sw33tteen1986
please more!
8/12/2023 c3 LB97
I’m so happy someone is giving Tremors the love it deserves!
6/30/2023 c3 2Balrog1788
Just found this today, I like it quite a bit and hope to see more chapters.
6/23/2023 c3 Silky Button
haha what in the world! This is too funny
I didn't know this series of movies even existed
4/6/2023 c3 1HyroTheGodOfFiction
Hopefully this will continue someday soon
1/18/2023 c3 Viltho
Awesome story, Excited for more
10/28/2022 c3 Dragoness2525
I love it! LOVE! IT! Tremors is one of my favorite movie series, and Burt my favorite character. Envisioning him as a caring uncle is awesomeness beyond measure! I sincerely hope you continue this, and I can't wait for more!
10/22/2022 c3 easchlaf91
Please update ASAP I love stories about tremors and Harry Potter
9/9/2022 c3 Vampireking40
I would love to see this story continue. Did Vernon get killed by the snake creatures. Besides every good Potter story needs a confrontation with Dumbledore who always seem to bring Snape with him. Well with Petunia dead and Harry having met his other relative on his mother's side who has a grandfather working for Magical New York Dumbledore will have a hard time getting control over Harry.
7/6/2022 c3 bahnannah
Bless his heart. The Dursleys got off light.
7/6/2022 c1 bahnannah
Even though I’ve watched tremors enough times that I can practically quote it, I still didn’t put it together until you brought Burt and heather into it. What can I say? I’m slow. Lol. This ought to be interesting. Can’t say I’ve ever read a tremors fanfiction before.
7/6/2022 c3 1twililunawolf
love the story keep it up
7/6/2022 c3 10ultima-owner
there won't be enough left of the Dursley family to put in a mug, let alone enough to charge in court.
7/5/2022 c1 Guest
I see great potential with this. Can't wait for the next chapter.

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